Lately there has been a lot of talk in the industry regarding unsafe repairs and the use of aftermarket or second hand parts in repairs.

Although some aftermarket parts may comply with Australian Manufacturers’ specifications, the big issue is still the consistency in quality and compatibility, and many industry leaders share the view that the problem is that you never know if the parts is good or bad. One part may be good, the other bad, so OEM is the safer choice.

Subaru recommends the use of OEM parts as replacements to ensure the integrity of the vehicle remains consistent with our manufacturing standards. Our appointed network of Certified Collision Repairers (CCRs) are experienced in the smash repairs industry and understand the complexity and technology involved in repairing current model vehicles. Subaru supports the CCR network by providing competitive pricing on OEM parts to assist them in the repair market. With access to our body repair manuals, along with training and support, our CCRs are the best people to return vehicles to as close to pre-accident condition as possible.

Always insist on OEM parts and don’t risk ending up with a lemon.