What are the top performance sedans?

Back when you were a kid, it’s likely that your idea of “performance cars” were any vehicles that had nifty spoilers at the back, the word ‘Turbo’ written somewhere, usually in a lurid font, or were simply coloured red (always considered faster than other colours, for no logical reason).  

Any adult that has been looking at buying a performance car, however, realises it’s actually what rests under the bonnet that separates regular “cars” from what can be confidently classified as actual “performance cars.” 

A more powerful engine may be the number one reason for you to buy a performance car, but there are other benefits that’ll give you a heightened driving experience: like better handling and cornering due to the car’s size and centre of gravity. Other attractions include the greater likelihood that people will think you’re cool (not an iron-clad guarantee, but certainly something that won’t harm your chances).  

What top performance cars are available to buy?  

If you’re on the lookout to buy a performance sedan - as opposed to a two-door sports car - there are multiple options  available in Australia, although most are German-made and unobtainable for anyone without considerably deep pockets in their lederhosen.   

Audi’s S4, S6 and S8 and BMW’s M3 and M5 are all examples of top performance sedans on the Australian market, but you’re looking at shelling out well in excess of $100K to have the privilege of owning one.  

If you want to buy a performance car that has exceptional ability but for about half the price of the models mentioned above, Subaru’s WRX boasts a turbocharged horizontally-opposed Boxer four-cylinder petrol engine and is most often associated not only with the term “performance” but also the word “legendary”. 

As you might expect, legendary status is something that is earned over time, by being consistently awesome and inspiring and exciting many, many enthusiast buyers. The WRX has been just such a car in Australia for more than 25 years, and remains one today.  

The sleek but spacious sedan shape also means you’re buying a performance car that has the kind of roomy cabin, four doors and boot space that smaller performance cars, more concerned with style than functionality, can’t offer.  

Subaru’s range of affordable performance cars 

The WRX comes standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, meaning your powered-up wheels will stick to the road like white on rice, even if the turbocharged engine the car is packing makes you feel like you’ve somehow accidentally launched yourself into orbit.  

You can also step things up again from there, by looking for Subaru’s STI badge, which can add a racy rear spoiler and even more power to the WRX.  

In terms of the apex of performance sedans at an affordable price, the Subaru WRX STI stands at the top of the podium. 



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27 May 2021