Why do I need AWD over a 2WD car?

In an all-wheel drive car, all four wheels deliver the power from the engine at the same time. As a result, they provide greater power distribution, traction and control. Not only does this equal better performance (exactly why we choose all-wheel drive for rally), but a safer, more secure drive. More confidence also equals a more enjoyable drive, which is also a very important consideration!

Away from the rally tracks, these benefits also apply in both urban and country road environments and whether you are considering an all-wheel drive sports or performance car, sedan or SUV. Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system means that the transmission and drive-train components are evenly distributed, providing better car balance. This translates to more grip and therefore control. Traction is also optimised by the system, adjusting the amount of power delivered to each wheel depending on the road conditions. Better handling and grip become even more evident when the road grip levels are low, such as in rainy or slippery conditions. Subaru’s AWD system also works in conjunction with X-Mode and EyeSight® Driver Assist to provide a safe, secure and dynamic drive.

If you’re planning to take your car off-road, the traction benefits of all-wheel drive cars really stand out over a two-wheel drive. Similar to a wet road, gravel roads have much less surface grip, making it even more important to find traction through four wheels, rather than two. With only two-wheels responsible for delivering the drive, there is a much higher degree of wheel slip, loss of traction and control. Utilising all-wheel drive significantly enhances the car’s capability and therefore where you can venture safely and enjoyably.

With an all-wheel drive system looking after you, you’ll be able to go further and venture out safer regardless of the adventure you’re planning.


Molly Taylor

Subaru Ambassador

15 April 2021