Would you wear glasses that were not designed specifically for your needs?

The answer is obvious, yet why would some people replace a purpose-designed windscreen with a generic type when it would lead to lack of performance?

The answer is again obvious – people should not - particularly in cars that incorporate Subaru’s new driver assist system, EyeSight driver assist.

In the event that a windscreen needs to be replaced or repaired, it is vital to always contact an authorised Subaru dealer.

If non-genuine replacement windscreens are used, the integrity of the EyeSight driver assist system – and therefore the safety of the vehicle occupants - may be compromised.

Non-Subaru windscreens may even block the cameras’ view, so it is essential the genuine article be used – and EyeSight driver assist operation checked – before the customer takes to the road again.  

EyeSight is available on specified Subaru models/variants. Refer to model spec/feature pages for full specification.