I don’t go off road, do I really need AWD?

Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive performance is one of the key advantages of our Subaru rally car. However, it’s a common misconception that all wheel drive cars are purely designed for off road driving. The AWD performance and AWD safety benefits for off-road applications very much translates to everyday driving too.

In both urban and country road environments, the all-wheel drive system offers more traction, providing better road holding and a safer, more secure drive. Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system means that the transmission and drive-train components are evenly distributed, providing better car balance. This results in more stability, grip and therefore, control.

Traction is also optimised by the system adjusting the amount of power delivered to each wheel depending on the road conditions. Better handling and grip become even more evident when the road grip levels are low, such as wet or icy conditions. Subaru’s AWD system also works in conjunction with X-Mode and EyeSight® Drive Assist to provide a safe, secure and dynamic drive.

The bonus is Subaru’s all-wheel drive SUV’s are also very capable off road. So, if you’re planning a weekend escape along dirt tracks, Subaru has you covered. However, when the majority of your day-to-day driving doesn’t take you off the beaten track, having an all-wheel drive is still the smart choice.


Molly Taylor

Subaru Ambassador

15 April 2021