about Subaru

Subaru has been part of Australian families since 1973. Over the years, we have built a proud history of getting families where they need to be no matter how rough the roads.

However, here at Subaru we aspire to do more. We aspire to bring friends and family closer; to enjoy the magic of living in the moment; and to discover more about each other every day.

Subaru do

Subaru’s mission is to be the first full service brand, helping drivers access a lifetime of Subaru through relevant mobility solutions. To make this happen we live by the values of Imagination, Spirit and Quality.



The imagination to create change and do things differently.


An independent can ‘do’ spirit that heroes drive and enthusiasm.


A quality that underpins everything that we do.


At Subaru we truly believe that when people who do common things uncommonly well, rise to every challenge, solve problems and turn ideas into reality, we are in the best position to help Australians enjoy every moment with their Subaru.

work for us

To deliver do, it’s important that we have a healthy workplace where people feel inspired to work smart and to contribute their best efforts. A place where they feel valued for their contribution and go home at the end of the day feeling they’ve made a difference and energised to do it all again.

How we grow

At Subaru we believe growth is key to success.


How we have fun

Having fun is essential for a healthy workplace. It is for this reason that we have:

  • Stress management initiatives
    • Art therapy
    • Meditation
    • Massages
    • Balcony relaxation zones
  • Subaru ambassador programs
    • Nutrition guides
    • Training guides
  • HQ Games Room
    • Driving simulator
    • Foxtel and lounge area
    • Full functioning kitchen
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Model launches and brand events
  • Monthly luncheon
  • Birthday celebrations