Servicing with Subaru helps you preserve and enhance the performance, safety and retained value of your Subaru.

Being a Subaru owner is meant to be fun, easy and provide value, just like our service offerings.


Service Pricing


If you own a Subaru vehicle from Model Year 2006 onwards, you can find the maximum price for your next standard scheduled service by using our online Pricing Calculator.


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Service Plans


Subaru Service Plans allow you to pay in advance for the first 3 Years or 5 Years of standard scheduled services. Simply purchase a Service Plan at the same time as your new vehicle for added peace of mind.


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Capped Price Servicing


With our 5 Year Capped Price Servicing Program, you’ll know the maximum amount you’ll pay for applicable scheduled services during the Program period.


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1-Month Health Check & Chat


This free 30-minute consultation gives you a chance to speak our factory-trained technicians about your brand-new Subaru. They can answer any questions you may have and allows them check over the vehicle.


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Scheduled Service Intervals


Your Subaru has an optimum service interval that varies based on the time, distance and driving conditions your vehicle experiences. It’s important to keep your Subaru in prime performance, safety and retained value.


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Service It Your Way


At Subaru, we tailor our servicing programs to suit you. Our Australia-wide network offers a range of convenient service offerings, with flexible transport, vehicle drop-off and pick-up options.


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Subaru Map Update


The world is always changing, so your map should change with it. Subaru offers a range of map update solutions, and eligible vehicles will receive up to 3 years of complimentary map updates.


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