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Get your Subaru back to its best

Dedicated to repairing your vehicle to the exact specifications as prior to the accident, our Subaru Certified Collision Repairers continue to meet the stringent criteria as per manufacturing standards. They’re committed to getting the job done right.

Choice of Repairer on your Insurance Policy

If you want peace of mind that comes from choosing a Subaru Certified Collision Repairer, you'll need an insurance policy that gives you a 'choice of repairer' option. This option is available on policies such as Subaru Insurance.

Without this, you have little control over who repairs your Subaru and what parts they use, which may adversely affect your vehicle’s retained value.

Maintaining Your 5-Star Standard

Genuine Subaru Parts maintain an exact fit and exceptional standard of quality, while ensuring the safety and performance of your Subaru. 

Genuine Subaru Parts, supplied to your repairer via our retail network and used in your car's repair, are covered by Subaru's comprehensive warranty, whereas non-genuine parts are not. After an accident the last thing you want is a repair job that could compromise you and your family’s safety.

An Investment in Your Car’s Retained Value

Unfortunately a cheap repair job stays with you forever, so you might find that when the time comes to sell your Subaru, its retained value may be severely compromised. For example, non-genuine Subaru parts could lead to misaligned body panel, which could devalue you car and more importantly, compromise your Subaru's ANCAP five-star rating.

Whether it's a minor scratch or a major collision, protect your investment and insist your Subaru is only trusted to a Subaru Certified Collision Repairer.