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  • Am I able to purchase an extended warranty?

    For all extended warranty enquiries please contact your local Subaru Retailer.

    Check out our Warranty page for more information.

  • How long is the warranty on my Subaru?

    All new Subaru vehicles purchased on or after 1st January 2019 come with a 5 Year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty.

    If you purchased your vehicle before the 1st January 2019, your vehicle comes with a 3 Year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty unless purchased during a campaign period which included an offer of a 2 year manufacturer’s extended warranty. In this instance, your standard 3 Year/Unlimited Kilometre Warranty will automatically have been extended to 5 Years/Unlimited Kilometres.

    Your rights under our warranty are in addition to any rights you may have under the Australian Consumer Law.

    Check out our Warranty page for more information.

  • I want to modify my Subaru. Will this affect my warranty?

    We often receive queries from Subaru owners who are interested in modifying their vehicles, including changing tyre sizes. Whilst we understand that people wish to personalise their vehicle, we are unfortunately unable to recommend or endorse any modifications utilising non-standard or non-factory components.

    This is because Subaru Corporation, their engineers and component part suppliers carefully design and carry out extensive testing and/or certification intended to ensure that final production vehicles will perform reliably and safely under normal operating conditions. Put simply, all of the parts fitted to your Subaru from the factory, and/or genuine Subaru Accessories added, have been tested and/or certified to ensure they meet Subaru's exacting standards.

    Obviously non-genuine or non endorsed parts and accessories have not been tested or certified by Subaru Corporation. As such adding non-genuine components to your vehicle may have unknown consequences such as an adverse affect on the operating systems of the vehicle and/or may result in damage to other components. Obviously Subaru Australia cannot accept liability for such consequences. Also, it is possible that your Subaru's New Car Warranty may be compromised where a fault occurs that is directly related to, or caused by, a modification utilising non-genuine parts or accessories.

    Given the forgoing, Subaru Australia does not recommend any modifications away from the original factory specifications, the only exception being the fitment of Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories for the relevant model and variant.

    Check out our Warranty page for more information.

  • Where do I take my vehicle for warranty repairs?

    All authorised Subaru Service Centres will honour your Subaru New Vehicle Warranty. They will repair, replace or adjust any part of the vehicle that is defective in factory workmanships or materials free of charge in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Warranty & Service Handbook.

    From time to time we may authorise warranty repair at a non-authorised Subaru Service Centre (such as in remote regions), however you must seek our approval in advance.

    Check out our Warranty page for more information.

  • Can I transfer my warranty to a new owner?

    The New Vehicle Warranty provided with each new Subaru vehicle is transferable from owner to owner.

    The warranty is only applicable in Australia and is not transferable to other countries, as no reciprocal world wide warranty is provided.

    Check out our Warranty page for more information.

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