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  • Should I service my Subaru on the due date even if I’m not doing the km’s?

    Yes. Your Subaru has an optimum service interval that depends as much on time and driving conditions as it does on distance. Everyone's driving habits are different and therefore so are the service requirements for your vehicle. You should be servicing your vehicle based either on time or distance, whichever occurs first.

    In fact, vehicles that are used for regular short, stop-start trips, such as city driving, are often more at risk of premature engine and battery wear as the engine may be working harder. Other fluids in your car, such as brake and transmission fluids, can also deteriorate over time. So to help preserve and maintain the performance, safety and retained value of your Subaru, make sure you follow the recommended service intervals specific to your model.

    Check your Warranty & Service Handbook or call your local authorised Subaru Retailer to determine the specific service intervals that apply to your Subaru.

  • Why is regular servicing important?

    Keeping to the recommended service intervals involves more than just changing the oil and the odd air filter.

    Irregular servicing can also lead to reduced fuel efficiency and increased air pollution, potentially damaging the retained value of your vehicle.

    Servicing within the recommended intervals also helps to preserve and maintain the performance, safety and retained value of your Subaru. When you bring your vehicle to an authorised Subaru Service Centre, Subaru technicians will perform various inspections such as inspections of your brake system, tyres, driveline and steering components, and will only use genuine or endorsed Subaru parts and consumables, all vitally important for your safety.

  • When extra servicing is needed?

    If you constantly undergo severe driving conditions or drive in harsh environments, then your vehicle will require additional maintenance.

    These conditions could include (but are not limited to) any or all of the following:

    - Operating in extremely hot or cold weather
    - Living in coastal areas
    - Towing a trailer
    - Repeated short trips
    - Driving on dusty roads
    - Driving on rough, muddy or snow-melted roads
    - Mountainous area living
    - Extensive idling and/or low speed driving for long distances
    - Continuous high speed driving (at speeds greater than 140 km/h) for over 2 hours
    - Under high performance conditions (e.g. track days)

    If you're in doubt as to the best servicing schedule for your vehicle, talk to your Subaru Service Advisor.

  • Does Subaru Australia recommend using additional additives?

    Subaru Australia does not recommend the use of chemical additives, which are not specifically required or recommended by Subaru Australia or Subaru Corporation as necessary for the servicing of Subaru vehicles. You should also be aware that the use of non-recommended chemical additives could cause damage that may not be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty.

    The recommended replacement specification of oils, lubricants, fuel, coolants and other chemical additives are listed in the workshop manuals, service information, owner's manual and owner's manual supplement for Australia.

  • What is the service period for my car?

    Below is the recommended scheduled service intervals for all current generation Subaru vehicles.  The recommended scheduled service interval for your particular car can also be found in the Warranty & Service Handbook that comes with the car.  The service intervals have been developed to help ensure your vehicle continues to operate within specifications for Australian conditions.


  • How can I check whether my vehicle is affected by a recall?

    You can check if your vehicle has an outstanding recall by using one of our Recall VIN Lookup tools.

    For Takata Airbag Recall enquiries please use, for all other recalls please use to check whether your vehicle is currently affected by a recall(s).

  • Who can service my car?

    Modern Subaru cars are highly complicated machines. As such we always recommend that you service your car through a qualified service professional.

    Your authorised Subaru Service Centre has the latest Subaru diagnostic equipment together with qualified service professionals familiar with the Subaru product making them well placed to look after your pride and joy. With our network of authorised Subaru Service Centres conveniently located around Australia, you can be assured that one is never too far away.

    Find your closest Subaru Service Centre here.

  • How do I get a service & repair manual?

    If you are a mechanic or someone who wants to service their own vehicle you are able to purchase a service & repair manual from Subaru Australia. Please contact our Customer Relations Team here.

    Subaru service and repair manuals contain technical information regarding vehicle specifications, recommended oils, lubricants and materials, mechanical repair information, diagnostic flowcharts and vehicle wiring diagrams. The service and repair manuals are highly technical in nature and are intended for use only by suitably trained and qualified individuals.

    Use of the service and repair manuals is at the purchaser's sole risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither Subaru Australia or Subaru Corporation accept any liability in respect of servicing or repairs conducted by any unqualified or untrained person relying on the service and repair information contained in the service and repair manuals.

    The service and repair manuals are provided in either CD or DVD media type, and are available for purchase by individual year model and vehicle variant. The content of the service and repair manuals is protected by copyright © in favour of Subaru Corporation. No part of the service and repair manuals may be reproduced, modified or distributed without prior written permission.

  • How do I update my maps on my Satellite Navigation?

    Depending on the model and year of your Subaru vehicle there are several ways to update your satellite navigation system. For more information relating to your specific vehicle please click here.

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