Peace of mind today, maximum retained value tomorrow.

In order to ensure safe operation, regular scheduled servicing and maintenance is an important part of taking care of your Subaru. It’s also a great way to maintain the retained value of your Subaru and protect your investment over time.

Our Subaru Service Network is dedicated to helping you preserve and enhance the Performance, Safety and Retained Value of your car for many years to come. And to do that, we offer a service experience unlike any other.

At Subaru we understand the importance of transparency around servicing costs.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new Subaru or already own one, view service costs applicable to your Subaru model. 


Subaru Service Technician

The 1-Month Health Check & Chat is a free consultation within the first month after delivery of your new Subaru. It allows our factory-trained technicians to provide quick vehicle checks, as well as our Service Advisors answer any of your questions, to help ensure ongoing, worry-free experience.

Subaru Service Technician

Vehicle servicing at Subaru is now even sweeter, and it’s tailored to suit you. Our Australia-wide network offers a range of convenient service options as well as the flexibility of alternative transport and vehicle drop-off and pick-up options. With everything you could ever need in one place, Subaru Service is designed to fit around your life.

There are plenty of choices where you can get your Subaru serviced, but your Subaru Retailer and their fully trained, qualified service technicians know your Subaru better than anyone. They have Subaru-specific diagnostic equipment and special tools to ensure trouble-free operation. So it makes good sense to bring your Subaru to your Retailer for servicing.

Subaru Service Technician

Your Subaru has an optimum service interval that depends as much on time and driving conditions as it does on distance.

If you're mostly driving your Subaru on sealed roads in moderate conditions, then you'll need to service it as per the standard service schedule intervals, either according to time or kilometres travelled.

Even with regular scheduled servicing, your Subaru may need extra maintenance from time to time. It’s a good idea to check the key essentials every 500 kilometres or at every fuel stop. To make this easier for you we have created a series of short videos explaining how to safely undertake these checks yourself and to help keep you on the road.

With our network of authorised Subaru Service Centres conveniently located around Australia, you can be assured that one is never too far away. Find a Subaru Service Centre or book a service online today.