the heart of Subaru safety

Subaru has engineered the essential safety functions which lie at the core of every vehicle – driving, turning and stopping – to develop vehicles that offer exceptional stability, handling and control in a wide range of driving situations. The foundation of Subaru’s Active Safety technologies, these functions rely on inherent vehicle stability & reliability, intelligent cornering and braking confidence. Together, these Active Safety technologies are helping Subaru achieve the vision of zero fatal road accidents in a Subaru by the year 2030*.

*Subaru Corporation (the Japanese manufacturer of Subaru cars) has publicly stated its aim to reduce the number of fatal accidents in a Subaru vehicle to zero by 2030 as well as the number of fatalities among pedestrians, cyclists and the like as a result of a collision with a Subaru vehicle. For more information on Subaru Corporation’s CSR initiatives visit

Stability & Reliability

The potential to prevent accidents, or reduce their severity, begins with Subaru’s unique Active Safety technologies, delivering stability and reliability on every drive. From the outstanding traction of Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive to the low centre of gravity of the Boxer engine, Subaru safety technologies are on your side.


Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Subaru’s unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system is renowned for its dynamics, with the design delivering optimum overall vehicle balance and constant power distribution to all four wheels, all of the time. With outstanding traction from all four wheels in even the most challenging conditions, our full-time All-Wheel Drive effectively provides double the traction capacity compared to 2WD vehicles. So, whether you’re taking on rain-drenched city streets or unpredictable off-road conditions, Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD provides unparalleled driver confidence when cornering, accelerating and braking.

Such is Subaru’s belief in the benefits to safety, Symmetrical AWD is standard on all Subaru vehicles except the Subaru BRZ.

Talk to anyone who owns a Subaru, and they will tell you there is nothing quite like the confidence that comes with permanent All-Wheel Drive, especially on rainy days! It really does have to be experienced, so make sure to book your Test Drive today to experience it yourself.


Boxer Engine

An integral part of Subaru’s DNA is the iconic horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. The Subaru Boxer engine is very different to most car engines. Sitting horizontally, low and flat in the engine bay, the Boxer engine has a lower centre of gravity than traditional engines – a pivotal factor for optimum balance, superior stability and reduced body roll.

Working in tandem with Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the Boxer engine ensures well-balanced vehicle weight distribution which in turn delivers improved tyre grip, better handling and a safer cornering performance for you and your family. Plus, with its flat design and low profile, the Subaru Boxer engine is also designed to slide below the passenger cabin – not through it – in the event of a heavy frontal collision.



Intelligent Cornering

Ask any driver and they’ll tell you that maintaining control when cornering can be a challenge. That’s why Subaru’s Active Safety technologies can help you corner with control and confidence, even when faced with a slippery bend on a rainy day.


Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)

Utilising a range of electronic stability and braking technologies, VDC helps you maintain control in the event the vehicle experiences a loss in stability. The intelligent VDC system uses a network of sensors to constantly monitor engine speed, gear selection and brake positions, then actively applies braking to individual wheels to regain vehicle stability should it detect a loss of control.



Active Torque Vectoring*Subaru’s Active Torque Vectoring system available on selected models across the Subaru range.

Subaru’s Active Torque Vectoring system uses wheel sensors to deliver improved steering response, and traction with the road, to help you corner more effectively and avoid unexpected dangers. When navigating through a corner, Active Torque Vectoring applies brakeforce to the inner wheel/s of your vehicle in order to provide optimum drive power to the outer wheel. The result is smoother steering control and less understeer, to help you power more confidently through corners.


Braking Confidence

Subaru braking performance, or stopping power, is another key element of Active Safety. By combining the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Electric Brake-force Distribution (EBD) technology, overall Subaru braking precision and response is increased on almost every type of road surface.


Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electric Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

For peace-of-mind and responsive braking, Subaru’s ABS constantly monitors the movement of each wheel as you brake and acts to prevent the wheels from locking up. This allows for a shorter braking distance, without compromising the driver’s steering control. At the same time, EBD distributes brake pressure between the front and rear wheels at the ideal rate for the driving dynamics. When you’re driving, the vehicle’s wheels can rotate at different rates, so EBD steps in to distribute braking power to wheels at a rate that will maximise stopping effectiveness.




Brake Assist

In an emergency situation, braking with the correct reaction time and pressure is essential to avoid or minimise a collision. However, if the vehicle detects that a driver hasn’t pressed the brake strongly enough, the Subaru Brake Assist system is activated to automatically generate additional brake pressure. This intelligent driver assistance feature detects the speed and force at which the driver has pressed the brake pedal, to determine if extra emergency braking is also required.



Partnering with the Australian Road Safety Foundation

Every year, around 1200 people are killed on Australian roads. This is a tragic statistic for our country, and one that the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) has been working hard to reduce since its inception in 2007. The ARSF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to driving the safety of every road user, every day, to achieve a significant year-on-year reduction in road deaths and injuries nationally. As Official Vehicle Sponsor, we’re proud to be partnering with the ARSF to help deliver education and awareness programs to make our roads both a safe and enjoyable place for all Australians. It’s just another way in which we’re showing our commitment to Subaru’s latest safety vision of zero fatal road accidents in a Subaru vehicle by the year 2030**Subaru Corporation (the Japanese manufacturer of Subaru cars) has publicly stated its aim to reduce the number of fatal accidents in a Subaru vehicle to zero by 2030 as well as the number of fatalities among pedestrians, cyclists and the like as a result of a collision with a Subaru vehicle. For more information on Subaru Corporation’s CSR initiatives visit

Learn more about the ARSF’s incredible road safety initiatives here.

One of our most recent awareness programs is focused on the safety of our children.  Together with ARSF we have launched a reminder to everyone to drive safely and take extra care around school zones because together we can make the roads safer.



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