vision assist technologies

One of Subaru’s most impressive safety technologies, Vision Assist, is designed to provide the driver with information and alerts to let them know what’s happening around their Subaru. The suite of Vision Assist technologies use cameras and sensors to keep an eye on blind spots and other traffic hazards.

Adaptive Driving Beam

Shapes your high beams around oncoming cars at night to provide you with optimal night time visibility, while not dazzling oncoming drivers.


Blind Spot Monitor

If a vehicle in your blind spot is detected, a light on your side mirror illuminates to let you know.


Front View Monitor

A camera on the front of your Subaru displays an image of the blind spot at the front of your vehicle, so you can accurately judge the distance of obstacles in front of you.


High Beam Assist

If you’re approaching traffic at night, High Beam Assist will monitor the road ahead and automatically switch to low beam when an oncoming vehicle is detected.


Lane Change Assist

If you’re changing lanes and a fast approaching vehicle is detected behind you, a light on your side mirror will warn you that it’s coming, and to take caution before moving out of your lane.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When reversing out of a parking space, an audible and visual warning is triggered if a car you can’t see is detected approaching from the side.


Reverse Automatic Braking

If you’re reversing and an imminent collision with an obstacle is detected by the sensors in the rear bumper, this feature applies the brakes, even if you don’t. Your infotainment touchscreen will also display a warning and give you an audio alert when an obstacle is in your path.


Side View Monitor

While you’re reverse parking, our Side View Monitor uses footage from a camera installed in the passenger side door mirror to show your distance from the kerb or a parked vehicle.



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