eyeSight® driver assist – your second pair of eyes on the road

EyeSight® Driver Assist utilises two cameras mounted in the windscreen to help detect, minimise or even prevent collisions. In addition to monitoring other cars, the system can recognise pedestrians and cyclists, and determine their distance, shape and speed of travel.

Pre-Collision Braking System and Brake Assist

Together, these features help the driver slow down or come to a complete stop if a car, pedestrian or obstacle is detected in front. If the system determines the driver has failed to take evasive action, the brakes can be applied automatically – or if the braking input is insufficient, the system can increase the braking force.


Pre-Collision Throttle Management

This feature restricts engine output to reduce available acceleration when the system detects that the driver has mistakenly pressed the accelerator and there is an object detected in front of the car. It helps to reduce the severity of an impact due to accidental accelerator use, in scenarios such as entering traffic at a roundabout.


Adaptive Cruise Control

This function maintains the speed set by the driver and also regulates the vehicle’s speed to maintain a sufficient distance from the car in front when in motion. Braking and monitoring technologies automatically regulate your speed in line with the traffic flow.


Brake Light Recognition

Using high-resolution stereo colour cameras, this function can detect the sudden activation of brake lights in vehicles ahead and begin to decelerate to assist in avoiding a potential collision.


Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist can recognise line markings on both sides of your lane and then use steering controls to adjust your position accordingly, to help keep you in the middle of the lane.


Lane Sway and Lane Departure Warnings

This feature watches the lane markers and constantly monitors your vehicle’s position. It then alerts you if it detects you’re swaying within your lane or moving out of your lane.


Lead Vehicle Start Alert

When you’re driving in stop-start traffic, your Subaru watches the car ahead, emitting a sound and a visual warning on the instrument cluster to prompt you when the traffic ahead starts moving again.



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