MOTOR Collector's Edition: Celebrating 30 years of STI

Wed, 05/12/2018

On April 2 1988 Subaru Tekunika Intanashonaru Kabushiki-gaisha was born. Later anglicized to Subaru Tecnica International, or simply STI, the division was created to help manage Subaru’s growing motor sport activities, and direct those learnings into Subaru road cars.

Fast forward 30 years and, thanks to its relentless focus on creating peerless, rally-red performance cars, the STI brand is every bit as revered by performance-car enthusiast as is Mercedes-Benz AMG, or BMW’s M division.

MOTOR, Australia’s leading specialist performance car publication has followed the STI story from its very beginning, testing, photographing and reviewing practically every significant model in the brand’s storied 30-year evolution.

In this limited edition publication, the MOTOR team cast their collective gaze back over the decades to cherry-pick the very best cars and stories from the STI back catalogue.

Featuring a timeline of every major STI moment over the years, along with reviews of landmark models like the Legacy RS RA, the WRX STI Type R and the WRX STI 22B, this high-quality 148-page publication is a must-have for every hard-core STI enthusiast.

So, take a trip down memory lane with MOTOR and re-live the STI brand’s many highlights with this heart-stopping, hair-raising blast into the world of Subaru Tecnica International – the performance brand that made Libertys louder, WRXs wilder, and took Subaru to three WRC world championships!

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