Drive It Your Way

Drive It Your Way

Reading about our cars is one thing. But if you really want to experience Subaru driving, you’ve got to get behind the wheel and Drive It Your Way©1.

Drive It Your Way©1 gives our customers the opportunity to take one of the following test drives with a member of the Subaru Sales Team – or if appropriate, unaccompanied. You’re even welcome to bring family or friends along for the ride.

  1. The Quick Spin (10-15 minutes, pre-determined route)
    You’ll have just enough time to take one of our vehicles through its paces. Get a good feel for the car, get comfortable behind the wheel and experience Subaru DNA first hand.
  2. The All Rounder (30-40 minutes, pre-determined route)
    If you want to see how a Subaru handles a number of different driving environments, this is the test drive for you.
  3. The Explorer (Between 10-40 minutes – you set the route)
    With this option, you can literally drive it your way. Take your chosen Subaru on the journey you most feel at home with.

If you’re after something more substantial from your Subaru test drive experience, we also offer the following options. If you’re interested, please ask your Subaru Sales Consultant to work out the best option for you.

  1. The Extended Explorer
    This option includes test-driving your chosen Subaru for an extended period of time - from half a day, to a full weekend.
  2. The Drop Off
    Here, we bring your chosen Subaru to you. There’s no better place to put one of our cars to the test than your own home turf.

To start driving it your way, contact your nearest participating Subaru Retailer or simply book a test drive.

1 Drive It Your Way© test drives are subject to individual retailer terms and conditions and vehicle availability. Not all Drive It Your Way© test drives are available at all retailers. You must have a valid driver's license and may also be required to sign a test drive/loan car agreement prior to test drive. For details contact your local Subaru Retailer.

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