STI Performance Parts

STI Performance Parts

Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI) was established to deliver Special tuning techniques, performance accessories and performance parts and that is just what they have done.

Check out our range of genuine STI performance parts, engineered specifically to enhance the performance, endurance and appearance of your Subaru. If you thought that you couldn’t love your Subaru any more, then think again.

<p>Subaru STI Performance Parts are developed under the over-arching concept of 'total tuning', which means engineering by design to improve handling and performance.</p>

<p>Pick up Genuine STI Performance Parts from your local participating <a href="">Subaru Retailer</a>.&nbsp;</p>

Not only are Genuine Subaru STI Performance Parts the best for your Subaru because they are designed and manufactured to meet Subaru's quality standards but they are also backed by Subaru's comprehensive warranty.

<p>Look the part on and off the track with a great range of Genuine Subaru STI Merchandise.</p>

Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI) was established to undertake Subaru’s motorsport activities. STI supplies motorsport base vehicles and competition parts as well as planning and selling accessories and sports parts to enhance the driving experience for Subaru enthusiasts.

<p>Between 1993 and 2003 the Subaru World Rally Team won a staggering 41 events in the World Rally Championship. In recent years it has contested the Super GT series in Japan with the Legacy (Liberty in Australia) and since early 2012 has been campaigning the BRZ coupe.</p>

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