Wheel Nuts

Wheel Nuts

For those looking to go one step further in safeguarding their investment, our range of wheel lock nuts provide an excellent level of theft protection whilst featuring a 3 level nickeling process increasing corrosion protection. 

  • Security Wheel Nut Set

    The security wheel nut set features laser etched STI logo, a 3-layer nickeling process and combined with a chrome surface, provides strong protection against corrosion. The lock nuts and security lock nuts provide a higher level of theft protection. The star-shaped locking pattern of the security lock nut is effective against removal without the use of a special tool. With a gun metal finish, the wheel nut set not only enhances the appearance of your Subaru vehicle, it gives extra protection against theft. Packed in a black resin case, the kit includes 16 x coded lock nuts, 4 x security wheel nuts, 1 x locknut removal tools and 1 x security lock nut removal tool.

    Model applicability: Liberty/WRX/STI

  • Wheel Lock Nuts (Black)

    The Sleek 3 piece lock nut will enhance the appearance of the STI wheels. The wheel nuts feature a laser etched STI logo and are plated and clear coated for hi-tech visual appeal and long life corrosion protection. Theft protection for your wheels is enhanced by the locking feature of the wheel nuts. All the nuts are coded and can only be removed by a special tool. The kit includes 20 coded wheel nuts and the special removal tool.

    Model applicability: Liberty/Forester/WRX/STI

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