Short Shift Gear Lever Assembly

Short Shift Gear Lever Assembly

We want to ensure that you get the most out of your high performance vehicle. Achieving the optimum power band is part of this objective so we produced our range of short shift gear systems.

  • Short Shift Gear Lever Assembly - 5MT

    A fast and accurate shift is achieved with modification to the lever ratio and joint section, a re-designed linkage to allow for a reduced length gear lever and a shorter, faster throw between gears to strengthen the feel of a 'quick-shift' operation. Bushes are stiffened to ensure that a crisp shift is possible, while all surrounding components remain unaffected.

    Fitting required, not included in price.

    Model applicability: Forester/WRX

  • Short Shift Gear Lever Assembly - 6MT

    In addition to quick and accurate shifting, this gearshift lever has been tuned specifically for the Liberty and WRX STI. The shifting distance has been shortened (approximately 10%) due to the conversion of the select lever ratio and modification of the joint section, linear shifting has been achieved by the best combination of smoothness and articulation to ensure that the best power band can be delivered.

    Model applicability: Liberty/STI