Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Unique to each vehicle and providing that smooth and safe ride you're used to, Subaru Genuine shock absorbers are tuned to the tough Australian conditions by our dedicated engineers for each new model prior to its Australian release. Each model is tested and adjusted for smooth, comfortable and safe driving on Australian roads.

What Shocks and Struts Do

Shocks and struts influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle while holding the tires to the road. They control the action of the spring to resist bottoming out -- like when you hit a pothole -- and keep the movement of the springs under control when they rebound. Without shocks and struts, a vehicle would continually bounce and bound down the road, making driving difficult.

How They Work

Shocks provide resistance by forcing hydraulic fluid (oil) through valves in the piston as it moves up and down. Because the oil cannot be compressed, only a certain amount of fluid can be forced through these valves, which creates resistance to the vehicle movement.

Signs of worn shocks or struts:

Under normal conditions, shocks and struts wear out gradually. However, many factors can affect how much wear is actually occurring and at what rate it is occurring.

  • Do you experience excessive bounce (three or more bounces) when crossing an intersection?
  • When stopping quickly does your vehicle rock back and forth?
  • While applying your brakes firmly at higher speeds, does your vehicle drift left or right?
  • When changing lanes quickly does your vehicle rock or sway from side to side?

Many components contribute to handling, but an inspection by your Subaru Service department if any of the above signs is good preventive maintenance.

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