Engine Lubrication

Engine Lubrication

  • Engine Oil

    Many customers think that oil is oil and “as long as I have enough oil in my engine, everything is fine.”

    The only thing correct about that statement has to do with having enough oil in your engine, because oil is no longer just oil.

    Which oil is right for you ?

    An oil’s viscosity, or its “thickness,” is carefully matched to an engine’s design and operating temperature.

    If viscosity is too low, the engine may run hotter due to inadequate lubrication and create greater wear. The oil will “break down” quickly, causing poor lubrication and dirty deposits. If viscosity is too high, the oil will provide poor lubrication increasing engine wear particularly at cold start and reduce fuel economy.

    Not following the factory recommended specifications, may impact

    • Engine Performance
    • Fuel economy
    • Driveability
    • Engine Longevity

    The complete range of Subaru Recommends – Castrol Edge Professional Engine oils, optimizes fuel economy and maximizes engine protection, and is available from Subaru Retail Service departments covering the following viscosity’s;

    • 10W-30 Petrol Engines
    • 5W-30 Petrol Engines
    • 0W-20 Petrol Engines
    • 0W-30 Diesel Engines

    Always refer to the vehicles owner’s manual for the correct engine oil and required viscosity requirements.

    The result? A cleaner running, longer lasting engine!

  • Engine Oil Filter

    Manufactured to rigid Subaru specifications, Genuine Subaru Oil Filters feature filter materials for high contaminant-holding capacity and excellent filtration. Motor oil circulates through your engine to lubricate all the moving parts. Along the way, dirt, grit and fine metallic and carbon particles contaminate motor oil and, if improperly filtered out, may ruin your engine. 

    Today's high-detergent oils are formulated to suspend contaminants until they can be effectively trapped by the oil filter. Regularly changed oil filters as per your vehicles service and maintenance schedule, protect your engine by removing the suspended particles from your motor oil. 

    Genuine Subaru oil filters are manufactured and designed for each generation engine through thorough research and development perfectly matching the requirements of the Subaru Boxer engine.