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Driveline Oils

  • Auto Transmission Oil

    Subaru Automatic Transmission Fluid is a factory, fully imported premium automatic transmission Fluid specifically designed for use in Subaru Vehicles with 5AT or D4AT.

    Features & Benefits

    Outstanding cold flow properties 

    • Rapid oil flow to all critical transmission components (i.e. torque converter, friction plates, planetary gears)
    • More responsive and comfortable gear shifts. Minimises ‘shift shock’ when gear shifts occur at low temperature. Reduced torque loss, increases efficiency which means less fuel consumption and lower emissions.

    Optimised frictional characteristic

    • Smoother gear shifts at all ambient temperatures and load conditions 
    • Consistent frictional properties improves driver comfort. Long anti shudder durability for comfortable gear changes without noise, vibration or harshness.

    Excellent anti-foam performance

    • Ensuring proper lubrication and no loss of fluid through breather
    • Avoids erratic transmission operation, reduces risk of seizures.Superior seal performance 
    • Helps avoid oil leakages, extending seal life and reducing repair costs