Belt System

Belt System

  • Timing Belt & Components

    A timing belt (or cam belt as it is often referred), is an important part of the boxer engine connecting the crank and cams together to ensure accurate crank to cam timing.

    Subaru genuine timing belts are made from the highest quality materials to provide the reliability and dependability that comes with the Subaru brand and efficiency of the Boxer Engine.

    Timing belts are a replacement maintenance item and must be replaced based on the service and maintenance schedule of the vehicle. 

    It is recommended to always refer to the vehicles service and maintenance schedule to check the replacements interval as the interval varies by model.

    During the scheduled service interval, where the timing belt is replaced, Subaru recommends to have the following checked, inspected or replaced for precautionary measures.

    • Tensioner
    • Idler pulleys
    • Water pump
    • Cam & crank seals

    Your Subaru Service Centre will be able to help diagnose and communicate if any replacements of the above mentioned items is needed.