• Key Remote Battery

    Subaru vehicles come equipped with electronic keyless entry, built within the key or in earlier models a key fob.

    This feature allows the opening of your vehicle without inserting the key, through inbuilt unlock functions. Within the key or fob, is a small battery that powers the signal to lock and unlock your vehicles doors, or rear hatch/boot. 

    First indication of low battery power is indicated by the decreased range its takes to unlock your vehicle.

    Ensure you change the keyless batteries periodically or ask your Service Department during your next scheduled service.

  • Main Battery

    Subaru Australia approved Century Batteries are powered for today’s electronics - alarms, DVD players, GPS systems and cell phone chargers. The electronic accessories inside today’s vehicles demand more starting and reserve power. Subaru Australia approved Century Batteries meet the performance specifications of your vehicle and your peace of mind.

    More importantly is new technology like ASS (Auto Stop Start) in selected Subaru vehicles, that relies on the strength and reliability of the vehicles battery.

    ASS works by automatically stopping the engine and then restarting it in a fraction of a second – with no driver intervention needed. The Auto Stop Start function contributes to efficiency by saving fuel normally consumed while the engine is idling, while stopped in heavy traffic or at traffic lights.

    Unlike one-size-fits-all aftermarket batteries, the Subaru Australia approved Century Battery (Q85) is the only factory tested and approved replacement battery for your Subaru fitted with ASS technology in Australia.

    With advancements and the inclusion of this technology built into the standard specifications of the vehicle, the importance of a reliable and full functioning battery is more important than ever.

    Battery Maintenance - Recognize the symptoms:

    Regular checks of your battery will help avoid being stranded or inconvenienced when you least expect it. Although generally lasting for long periods, external influences can cause battery failures or the life expectancy to be reduced. 

    What to look for:

    • Headlights dim excessively at idle
    • Headlights dim excessively when air conditioning or electrical accessories are turned on
    • Slow or interrupted engine cranking, especially in cold weather
    • Battery requires jump-starting or recharging
    • Instrument panel warning light stays on or flashes intermittently
    • Cracked, loose or squealing alternator belts
    • Battery posts or connecting cables are corroded

    Don’t guess about the condition of your battery.  Ask your Subaru Retail Service centre to diagnose and check the health of your battery.

    Subaru Australia approved Century Batteries are the ONLY recommended replacement battery for Subaru vehicles within or out of the warranty period.