Subaru Supports Environmental Education And Improvement In Gunma, Japan

Wed, 05/04/2017

Subaru Corporation has announced a 100 million yen ($1,192,100) donation to the ‘Project For A Rich Future Environment For Gunma’ (PFARFE)  in Japan.


The aim of the project is to provide environment education and improvement to the Oze National Park in Gunma, near to the company’s factory.


The donation will be made through the revitalization tax system established in April 2016 to encourage companies to support regional revitalization projects conducted by local authorities.


Subaru is heavily involved in the region making automobiles in the Gunma prefecture and exporting to over 90 markets. 


As a result, Subaru decided to support this project as part of their social contribution to the environment.


The corporation acknowledges that vast global environmental issues are present and constitutes as one of the most important challenges of corporate management.


However, Subaru aims to fulfil its social responsibility towards a sustainable society while providing Subaru’s distinctive value of “enjoyment and peace of mind”.


The project will launch from the beginning of Japan fiscal year 2017.