Subaru owners most satisfied in Roy Morgan annual customer satisfaction awards

Wednesday, 8th June 2022


Subaru Australia’s unwavering commitment to deliver class-leading customer service and excellent product has been acknowledged in the 2021 Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards, with Subaru winning Major Car Manufacturer of the Year in the Automotive category.

Subaru owners were the most satisfied in the Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Award where winners are determined by data collated from Roy Morgan’s enormous Single Source survey – the world’s most comprehensive ongoing single source survey – of approximately 60,000 consumers from all around Australia.

For the survey, respondents name the companies they deal with in various categories, including Automotive, and rate how satisfied they are with them. Monthly Customer Satisfaction winners are cited in each category throughout the year, with the annual award going to the company with the most of these wins.

The accolade marks the first time Subaru has won a Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Award and it recognises Subaru’s endeavour to deliver outstanding service and product to its customers.

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine congratulated Major Car Manufacturer of the Year Winner: “Subaru has emerged as a winner at the prestigious Roy Morgan Annual Customer Satisfaction Awards, that recognises businesses that provide consistently high levels of customer satisfaction throughout the year.

"For the first time Subaru has been awarded the Major Car Manufacturer of the Year Award after winning nine monthly customer satisfaction awards in the category during 2021. Subaru had an exceptional average customer satisfaction of 91.4% during last year showing just how well Subaru has been consistently satisfying its customers."

Managing Director Subaru Australia, Blair Read, added: "Being awarded the top major brand for customer satisfaction in the Automotive category is truly fantastic recognition for the Subaru engineers who strive to build vehicles to customer’s needs, and also for our nation-wide dealer network who are truly committed to supporting Subaru owners. 

"Over multiple decades, Subaru in Australia has built a strong reputation for superior customer service and producing reliable, safe and technologically advanced vehicles that satisfy consumer’s needs."




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