Subaru Expands To South American Markets

Fri, 13/01/2017

Subaru’s Australian distributor and retailer, Inchcape plc, has announced the acquisition of a multi-country scale distribution business in South America from Empresas Indumotora S.A (Indumotora).

Inchcape’s largest acquisition in 20 years, it represents a significant milestone for the company, which will see it invest in its existing markets of Chile and Peru and enter the new markets of Colombia and Argentina.

As a result of the acquisition, Inchcape will become the leading South American distribution partner for Subaru, building on its successful long-term partnership with Subaru in Australia and New Zealand.

Indumotora was created in 1922 and has grown into one of the leading distribution operations in South America. It has long-standing operations with Subaru and commercial vehicle brand Hino, with relationships dating from 1977.

Inchcape is highly experienced in the South American region, having operated as an Automotive Distributor in South America for 30 years.

Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Colin Christie, said: ”Inchcape’s acquisition of a scale distribution platform in South America marks  an exciting development for the company as we continue to expand globally.  

“Inchcape has been the exclusive distributor for Subaru cars and parts in Australia for over 20 years and it is encouraging to see the results of our strong relationship here helping to generate opportunities for both Inchcape and Subaru in other markets across the world.”