performance meets adventure: australian arrival of the highly anticipated turbocharged Subaru Outback

Tuesday, 14th February 2023


  • Responding to customer demand, the recently launched 2023 model-year Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru Outback range now features two all-new turbocharged variants – AWD Sport XT and AWD Touring XT.
  • All-new turbocharged Subaru Outback, powered by 2.4-litre direct-injection turbocharged Boxer engine, delivers more torque and greater towing capacity.
  • Entire 2023 Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru Outback range comprises multiple updates to enhance user-friendliness.


The time has arrived! Subaru Australia proudly welcomes the arrival of two all-new, turbocharged variants to the refreshed Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Subaru Outback range.

Having arrived on Australian shores, excited customers are taking delivery of their MY23 Subaru Outbacks following a successful pre-order campaign launched in September last year.

Whilst the entire Subaru Outback range benefits from 2023 model year updates designed to increase the user-friendliness of the vehicle, the highly anticipated turbocharged variants enable the Outback range to offer greater choice for Australian consumers. 

Complementing the 2.5-litre direct-injection naturally aspirated engine that provides an excellent and reliable on-road and off-road driving experience, the more powerful 2.4-litre direct-injection turbocharged (DIT) Boxer engine has been added to the Symmetrical AWD Subaru Outback range to provide customers more power and more capability.

For over 25 years, the Subaru Outback has delivered impressive innovation, safety, technology, design, and all-terrain capability. Now the all-new turbocharged Subaru Outback AWD Sport XT and Outback AWD Touring XT have been designed to supercharge adventures – with a new 2.4-litre turbocharged horizontally-opposed Boxer engine. A celebration of balance, control, and substance, it also delivers more power and torque for increased acceleration and braked towing capacity of up to 2,400kg*.

Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Blair Read, said: "The Subaru Outback has long held a special place in the heart of generations of Australian adventurers and pride of place in many family driveways.

"The addition of turbocharged variants, combined with Subaru’s legendary Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and impressive safety, further expands the Outback’s appeal. 

"The Outback truly is the perfect vehicle for discovering Australia with its all-terrain capability, fantastic handling, driving performance and passenger comfort."




Whether getting off road or doing the weekend sport run, the Subaru Outback AWD offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency, for many family adventures.

The latest generation Subaru 2.5-litre direct-injection naturally aspirated engine – which meets the seemingly contrasting demands for fuel efficiency, responsiveness, and sporty on-road performance – delivers 138kW of power at 5,800rpm and 245Nm of torque at 3,400-4,600rpm.

Turbocharged Outback variants benefit from a more powerful 2.4-litre horizontally-opposed DIT Boxer 4-cylinder petrol engine, that delivers a hearty 183kW of power at 5,200-6,000rpm and 350Nm of torque at 2,000-4,800rpm.

The 2.4-litre DIT petrol Boxer engine generates powerful torque at low engine speeds, resulting in the turbo boost feeling like it comes on the instant the accelerator pedal is pressed, delivering approximately 22 per cent faster 0 to 100km/h acceleration compared to its 2.5-litre direct-injection naturally aspirated counterpart. 

Naturally aspirated Outback variants have a combined average fuel consumption of 7.3L/100km compared to 9.0L/100km for turbocharged variants.

Greater towing capacity

Owing to increased torque provided by the turbocharged engine delivered simultaneously to all four wheels by Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD, all-new Subaru Outback AWD Sport XT and AWD Touring XT deliver greater braked towing capacity than naturally aspirated variants, increasing to a maximum of 2,400kg* (an increase of 400kg) which is certain to delight adventurous Australians who are keen to explore the country. 



The world-renowned Subaru Global Platform (SGP) and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive underpin the Subaru Outback AWD, bringing confidence and a comfortable onboard experience for occupants. 

Adding to the experience is Subaru’s most advanced X-Mode system yet, making Outback more capable off-road than ever. With an impressive 213mm ground clearance and X-Mode – which controls engine torque and enhances traction control – Subaru Outback AWD is perfect for everyday life as well as off the beaten track adventures.


X-Mode features the following special control mechanisms - engine torque control, transmission control, front and rear axle limited slip function, hill descent control and automatic restore control – that combine to assist drivers with navigating rough road conditions. 

X-MODE functions are incorporated in the Centre Information Display (CID) monitor. Operation is made easier through intuitive touchscreen control.

Operating below 40km/hr, dual-mode X-MODE enhances Outback's AWD off-road performance.

One mode is optimised for snow and dirt, the other for deep snow and mud.

  • Snow/dirt mode - Perfect for slippery, snowy roads, black ice, gravel and unpaved surfaces, this mode uses Traction Control.
  • Deep snow/mud mode - Perfect for surfaces where the tyres can become partially buried, such as deep snow, mud, sludge and dry dirt. Traction control is turned off, while torque control is activated to quickly generate maximum torque and produce a moderate amount of slippage in the driving wheels. This improves escape performance on road surfaces where tyres can become stuck.

Tailored suspension tune 

To suit the 2.4-litre DIT Boxer engine, the damping force of the front and rear dampers, and the spring constant of the front coil springs, have been tuned. This tuning helps deliver both driving stability and ride comfort.



Signalling a point of difference, the all-new turbocharged Subaru Outback exclusively features:

  • Dual tailpipes to complement the higher performance nature of the vehicle
  • Exterior 'XT' badge
  • LED fog lamps with 6 LEDs to pay homage to Subaru’s six-star constellation emblem whilst also limiting power consumption.

An additional exterior change includes newly designed 18-inch wheels to enhance product styling across the entire MY23 Subaru Outback range.


The Subaru Outback’s interior design is a blend of functional beauty and high-end comfort with an active feel and sense of spaciousness.

A key design objective for Outback is to allow and encourage customers to get out and explore. To aid in this, the front seats have been designed with advanced shaping and support to reduce fatigue during long drives.

The Outback AWD features fabric styled seat coverings. To enhance the sporty nature of the Outback AWD Sport and Outback AWD Sport XT and their emphasis on outdoor adventure, water repellent3 (synthetic leather) seat coating has been utilised. For the Outback AWD Touring and Outback AWD Touring XT, sumptuous Nappa leather accented trim has been used, adding a further degree of high-end luxury to the Outback range. Additionally, tan trim is available as an exclusive option on Outback AWD Touring for an additional cost.

All Outback variants feature two co-ordinated display screens to provide a full range of information and entertainment for driver and passengers. At the same time essential information is presented to minimise movement of the driver’s line of sight.


Sitting proudly in the centre of the Outback’s dash is a large 11.6” Full-HD infotainment system display screen. All Outback variants feature wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM connectivity, Digital radio1 (DAB+) and Bluetooth®2 wireless technology, with the Outback AWD Sport, Outback AWD Sport XT, Outback AWD Touring and Outback AWD Touring XT all featuring in-built satellite navigation.

Physical buttons such as the climate control panel have been integrated as digital buttons on the display screen, with convenience and operability prioritised through shortcut switches for some frequently used features.

The entire MY23 Symmetrical AWD Subaru Outback range features multiple updates to increase user-friendliness and driver convenience. Added features across the range include:

  • Widely used USB Type-C terminal added to front seat USB port/auxiliary input station (replacing one USB Type-A port) which has a rated output of 3.0 A, improving ease-of use and enabling quick charging of tablets and similar devices.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM enable connectivity while smartphones are inside a pocket or bag; available for the first time in an Australian specification Subaru vehicle.
  • Manage Devices setting screen added to the 'Phone' tab in 'settings' enabling users to select and switch connected smartphones and apps to activate at start-up from a single screen.
  • Redesigned 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen for improved user friendliness including, new shortcut buttons, and updated climate control buttons and full screen Android Auto
  • Redesigned steering wheel buttons (left and right spoke) and relocation of MID steering wheel buttons.
  • Expanded voice command recognition to include:
    • Auto Start Stop
    • Lane Departure
    • Cruise Control
    • High/Medium/Low Fan Speed level settings
    • Search for closest location
    • Seat heater/seat ventilation settings 
  • Altered navigation functions to allow address/point of interest searches to now be performed with a single input field.



The Subaru Outback continues the pursuit of one of Subaru’s most important safety visions yet – working towards zero fatal road accidents in a Subaru vehicle by the year 2030§. This vision is underpinned by the four vital safety pillars of Primary, Active, Preventative and Protective safety that work together to achieve Subaru’s holistic approach to automotive manufacturing.

Primary Safety

In Subaru’s design language, Primary Safety is synonymous with ‘visibility’. Subaru believes the early detection of potentially dangerous situations can help prevent accidents, while giving drivers the ability to identify dangers early could result in fewer accidents. That’s why Subaru continues to focus on honing designs that improve driver visibility, while enhancing driver alertness and comfort.

In addition to visibility being a core element of the overall design philosophy, across the Subaru Outback range all variants feature a rear-view reverse camera and Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB).

Active Safety

Subaru’s commitment to Active Safety has created cars engineered for confident driving in all conditions. An integral part of Subaru’s DNA, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive delivers better grip, sharper steering response, and increased handling stability through balanced weight distribution, with the low height horizontally-opposed Boxer engine, transmission and driveline all being symmetrically positioned on the vehicle centre line.

With Symmetrical AWD, regardless of the type of road surface or the application in which the vehicle is being used, all four wheels are being used to transmit engine drive or braking forces all of the time, providing enhanced capability and safety. 
Across the Subaru Outback range, all variants feature Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), which is comprised of multiple stability and braking technologies, all designed to help vehicle control in unexpected driving conditions. These include, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist, Traction Control System (TCS) and Active Torque Vectoring System.

Preventative Safety

Subaru's Preventative Safety pillar strives to prevent accidents by proactively detecting potential dangers on the road in advance, using a suite of cutting-edge safety technologies. Subaru technologies not only predict hazards - but also assist the driver in managing them. 

Standard across the entire Subaru Outback range, EyeSight® is an ever attentive second pair of eyes that not only provides warnings, braking and steering intervention (which can save lives), but can also significantly reduce the cost and inconvenience of accidents. Subaru Eyesight® Assist technologies include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Emergency Lane Keep Assist
  • Lane Centring Function
  • Lane Departure Prevention
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Lane Sway Warning
  • Lead Vehicle Stay Alert
  • Pre-Collision Brake Assist
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management
  • Autonomous Emergency Steering
  • Brake Light Recognition
  • Intelligent Speed Limiter
  • Speed Limiter
  • Speed Sign Recognition

Subaru’s innovative Driver Monitoring System technology also keeps a watchful eye over the driver to ensure their attention is focused on the road ahead. Across the Subaru Outback range, the Driver Monitoring System features:

  • Distraction warning - if the driver continues to face a direction outside of a set range it is presumed as a wandering gaze or distraction. The system then alerts the driver via a buzzer and a display warning.
  • Drowsiness warning - if the driver continues to close their eyes, dozing is presumed. Drowsiness level is presumed by calculating the ratio of time the driver’s eyes are closed. Two levels are presumed, drowsy and extremely drowsy.
  • Facial recognition - recognises pre-programmed drivers (up to five) and displays a welcome message on the Multi-Information Display unit (MID). The MID content as well as the climate control settings are restored to the driver’s previous use. On the AWD Touring and AWD Touring XT, seat position and door mirror position are also adjusted to the driver’s personal settings.

As a further preventative safety measure, all variants are equipped with Subaru’s Vision Assist. This is a one of Subaru’s most impressive safety technologies, which when combined with the forward vision features of EyeSight®, enables full perimeter preventative safety features. Vision Assist feature inclusions depend on the variant. Across the Subaru Outback Range, all variants feature:

  • Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) 
  • EyeSight® Assist Monitor
  • Lane Change Assist (LCA)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  • Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB)

Outback AWD Sport, Outback AWD Sport XT, Outback AWD Touring and Outback AWD Touring XT add:

  • Side View Monitor (SVM)
  • Front View Monitor (FVM)

Protective Safety 

From the Subaru Global Platform that underpins all new generation Subaru models, to the shock-absorbing ring-shaped passenger safety cell that protects the cabin, this advanced vehicle safety reflects Subaru’s commitment to protecting all road users, while also helping to minimise vehicle damage in the event of a collision.
Across the Subaru Outback range, all variants feature dual front, dual front side, dual curtain, driver’s knee, and front passenger cushion SRS airbags.



An extensive range of paint colour options are available for MY23 Subaru Outback:

Exterior Colours Available on the following variants:
Sapphire Blue Pearl Across the range
Crystal White Pearl Across the range
Ice Silver Metallic Across the range
Brilliant Bronze Metallic Outback AWD, Outback AWD Touring, Outback AWD Touring XT
Crimson Red Pearl Outback AWD, Outback AWD Touring, Outback AWD Touring XT
Storm Grey Metallic Outback AWD, Outback AWD Touring, Outback AWD Touring XT
Autumn Green Metallic Across the range
Magnetite Grey Metallic Across the range
Crystal Black Silica Across the range


Maximise your next outdoor adventure with Subaru’s full range of customised lifestyle accessories. Customers can fit out their Subaru Outback with a multi accessory pack or choose individual items. Visit to explore the full range. 


All new MY23 Subaru Outback’s come standard with a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty period, 12-months complimentary Subaru Roadside Assistance.


With a range of finance offerings, including Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), customers can enjoy enhanced flexibility and choice through participating Subaru Financial Services retailers, making the journey to purchasing an all-new Subaru Outback as streamlined and seamless as possible. For further information on Financial Services, please visit:


* Subaru Outback AWD, Outback AWD Sport and Outback AWD Touring feature 2,000kg towing capacity with trailer brakes. Subaru Outback AWD Sport XT and Outback AWD Touring XT feature a 2,400kg towing capacity with trailer brakes and requires fitment of Electric Brake Controller if towing mass is greater than 2,000kgs and is only capable of towing a trailer with a maximum of 2 axles. Towing capacity is subject to regulatory requirements, tow bar and vehicle design and towing equipment limitations. Requires fitment of optional tow bar accessory. Refer to Owner’s Manual for towing instructions. For further information, ask your local Subaru Retailer.

Compatible Apple® or AndroidTMdevice required.

1Digital radio reception not available in all areas.

2Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System functionality is subject to the Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual device.

3Water repellent trim repels water so that the material is not easily penetrated by small amounts of water. Trim is not 100% waterproof. Intermittent cleaning may be required to maintain water repellent characteristics.

§ Subaru Corporation (the Japanese manufacturer of Subaru cars) has publicly stated its aim to reduce the number of fatal accidents in a Subaru vehicle to zero by 2030 as well as the number of fatalities among pedestrians, cyclists and the like as a result of a collision with a Subaru vehicle. For more information on Subaru Corporation’s CSR initiatives visit

** The information provided is general in nature and for information only. Nothing in this press release constitutes or should be considered to constitute legal, taxation or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the products and services featured in this company profile, you should consult with your own independent legal, taxation and financial advisors, who can advise you about your personal circumstances. The Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is the minimum future value of your vehicle as determined by Subaru Financial Services and set out in your contract. At the end of the term, you can select from three options: (1) sell or trade-in the vehicle and repay your loan balance; (2) return the vehicle to us; or (3) retain the vehicle by paying the GFV amount, which is a lump sum amount owed to us at the end of the loan term. Total interest payable on the loan will be higher than a fixed rate loan if you select the GFV option. Monthly repayments will be lower compared to a similar loan term with no GFV or equivalent balloon final payment. Available on new and demonstrator Subaru vehicles for selected models only. Vehicle eligibility is subject to change. If you decide to return your car at the end of your term, SFS, or another person or entity with SFS's agreement will purchase the vehicle from you for the GFV, which will be applied to reduce your outstanding loan amount. However, you will need to pay us an additional amount if the vehicle is damaged or you have travelled excess kilometres. Credit criteria, fees, charges and terms and conditions apply.  Finance is provided by IFSA Pty Ltd ABN 39 651 319 774 trading as Subaru Financial Services, managed by Allied Retail Finance Pty Ltd ABN 31 609 859 985 Australian credit licence 483211. Available at participating Subaru Financial Services Retailers only.



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