Subaru Australia Recall Statement

Mon, 22/06/2015

Subaru Australia has announced a recall of 5073 Model Year 2015 Liberty and Outback vehicles equipped with Pre-Collision Braking (PCB) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). 
In the event of a brake lamp switch (BLS) failure in an affected vehicle, the PCB system may not operate as intended in an emergency braking situation (where the driver has failed to apply the brake), or may fail to properly engage the brakes when the vehicle has been placed in ACC mode.  This is due to a software programming issue.
The condition does not affect the performance of the brakes when engaged by the driver.   
There is no known defect with the BLS itself.
If the vehicle suffers a BLS failure, the Vehicle Dynamics control (VDC) warning light will illuminate in the Multi-Information Display located in the driver’s instrument cluster, notifying the driver that there has been a malfunction. 
The issue was found through Fuji Heavy Industries internal checking and the recall is a precautionary measure to ensure safety.
There have been no reports of accidents locally or overseas.
The rectification procedure consists of downloading a modified program into the potentially affected vehicles.
Owners will be contacted by mail in the near future and asked to bring their vehicle to their authorised Subaru Retailer for rectification, a procedure which takes approximately 0.4 of an hour.
The affected VIN range is: 
Model From To Affected Number
Liberty Sedan 2.5 002001 004092 1485
Liberty Sedan 3.6 002006 004093 497
Outback 2.5 002005 007443 2476
Outback 3.6 002006 007441 615

Customers can also contact the Subaru Customer Service Centre on 1800 226 643.


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