Name Change No Accident In Subaru Repair Network

Mon, 12/12/2016

Subaru has revamped its collision repairer network to strengthen ties and efficiencies with its partners, to produce an even better customer experience.

Formerly known as the Preferred Collision Repairer Network (PCR), the new Subaru Certified Collision Repairer (CCR) network of 66 outlets nationwide (with the exception of Northern Territory) offers stronger ties between the brand and repairers, including regular training, technical support and increased compliance and auditing of operating standards, to ensure quality.

Among the Subaru requirements for the CCR network:

·         Fully trained technicians, ensuring standard of workmanship

·         Factory-approved equipment and technology

·         Quality control processes

·         Regular customer updates on repair status

·         High-quality repair facilities

The change is the latest example of Subaru’s “do” customer promise in action.

Launched earlier this year, Subaru “do” proactively seeks ways to make Subaru even more responsive and customer friendly.

Subaru Australia Managing Director, Colin Christie, said: “Collision repair is a vital part of our business, aimed at ensuring customer vehicles maintain the same outstanding levels of safety and integrity that they did before an accident.

“This also represents a renewed focus on getting customers back on the road sooner and with less stress, while maintaining the retained value, safety and reliability of their Subaru.

 “The upgrades to the Certified Collision Repairer network are another prime example of our Subaru ‘do’ customer-centric commitment.”

A key requirement of CCR participation is use of Subaru genuine parts (unless otherwise instructed by the customer) combined with factory repair methods, to ensure all vehicles are repaired to factory specifications and their value is retained.

Mr Christie added: “With Subaru retained value among the most impressive in the industry, it is essential repairs are conducted to the highest standard, to ensure that intrinsic value, plus peace-of-mind for customers.”

The CCR network offers a dedicated 1800 737 179 customer assistance number, connecting to a national 24/7 call centre.

This service provides immediate assistance to Subaru customers at the time of an incident, including vehicle recovery.

The call centre will arrange customer introduction to the CCR, which will assist with management of the repair process through to completion.

Mr Christie said: “Traditionally, customers rely on insurance companies, or word-of-mouth to choose their repairer after an accident.

“With our revised program, we’re communicating the benefits of the CCR network as part of the whole-of-life Subaru ownership experience.”