Imprezzive Way To Book An Impreza Test Drive

Mon, 09/01/2017

Following  the launch of Subaru’s exciting all-new Impreza last month, the company has launched its first Impreza Test-Drive pop-up stores in major shopping centres, Castle Towers, New South Wales, Highpoint, Victoria and Galleria, Western Australia.

Within a shopping centre environment where projected monthly floor traffic reaches over 3.6 million, Subaru is targeting new and existing customers for Impreza.

The aim is  to engage the general public to test drive the car immediately and ultimately, inspire them to purchase.

Pop-up stores cater to the emerging needs of customers, as traditional ways of purchasing vehicles are transforming rapidly.


 Subaru Australia’s Managing Director, Colin Christie said: “These pop-up stores will drive a new audience into our showrooms and go a long way in supporting the growth of the all-new incredible Impreza.

“The stores demonstrate an excellent opportunity to put Impreza in the heart of where consumers spend their time. This underpins the spirit of the Subaru ‘do’ initiative to remove obstacles for customers and bring convenience to them.”


 The stores operate as mini-dealerships in shopping centres with on-ground selling and test drive facilities where customers are able to book a test-drive instantly.

The design concept of the stores is  also unique and in alignment with the brand’s philosophy of modern living, whilst showcasing aspects of Subaru’s high-class engineering and technology.