Impreza Launches on Global Platform

Wed, 14/09/2016

Subaru will launch its fifth generation All-Wheel Drive Impreza on an all-new platform that will underpin every new model over the next 10 plus years.

The platform takes Impreza’s dynamic performance to the top of its class – and with 95% of the car changed, it’s the start of a whole new era for both the Subaru brand and its fun, functional – and super safe - small car.  

The award-winning EyeSight®Driver Assist systems also debuts in Impreza – meaning Subaru’s “safety to the masses” mantra progresses even further, with the widest ever application of such technology by any automotive brand in Australia.

Impreza sits on Subaru’s first new global platform since Liberty was introduced in 1989.

Drawing on the brand’s signature contemporary design themes, Impreza achieves greater interior space, plus a sporty wide and low exterior presence.

Among the many highlights of new Impreza:

  • All-new Subaru Global Platform debut, for outstanding small car dynamic performance and benchmark safety - delivers a new level of superior driving capability
  • Subaru’s biggest advance in all-round performance
    • Body and chassis rigidity are increased significantly
    • Body vibrations reduced by 50 per cent
    • Incredible linear response to driver input
    • Significantly less body roll during cornering
    • Advantages of a flexible production system on a truly global scale
  • Bold and sophisticated exterior and interior design and packaging
  • Newly developed 2.0-litre direct injection normally aspirated Boxer engine, with excellent fuel efficiency
    • 115 Kilowatts of power at 6000 rpm and 196 Newtonmetres of torque at 4000rpm
    • Higher power output, up from 110kW
    • Sportier performance due to major weight savings throughout the drivetrain
    • Higher compression ratio, better gas flow and high-flow EGR system
    • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • New lightweight Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with wider gear range
    • Auto Stepped Speed Control and seven-speed manual mode in all models
  • Improved efficiency via new engine, transmission combo
  • Auto Stop Start
    • The timing for engine stop is faster, improving fuel efficiency
  • New suspension layout
    • Increased rigidity of installation points allows the system to absorb shocks sufficiently without flexing the body
  • Enhanced aerodynamic performance
    • Use of flush surface panels and streamlined body shape
  • Wider and higher cabin
    • Externally Impreza is 10 mm lower and 35 mm wider
    • Greater foot well space, improved rear knee space
    • Easier cargo area access
  • Elaborate interior build quality and exquisite craftsmanship
    • Intuitive cabin controls and technology
    • Soft texture and sound-proofing applied to almost every part minimise noise
    • Third generation head unit at the heart of the infotainment system: enables better
    • Smartphone connectivity based on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services
    • Better voice recognition and a rich array of information, similar to the home or office
    • Factory-fitted satellite navigation system in premium variants is powered by TomTom
    • All-new air conditioning with massive choice of directional control – voice recognition control in premium grades
  • Outstanding five-star occupant safety (anticipated)
    • Third-generation EyeSight®driver assist system debuts in mid- and range-topping Impreza variants
    • Vision Assist features on range-topping variant
    • Hazard avoidance similar to that of high performance sports models
    • Vehicle Dynamics Control (with Active Torque Vectoring on range-topping variant)
    • Centre of gravity 5 mm lower
    • Collision energy absorption efficiency improved by 1.4-times
    • New generation brake callipers and high strength material brake pads
  • Electronic parking brake – new to Impreza

Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “Impreza’s first use of the new Subaru Global Platform offers an enormous boost to the core values of safety and dynamic quality.

“Mated with a newly developed engine and suspension layout, it represents a formidable premium small car package.

“Every aspect of Impreza is fine-tuned to provide drivers with a dynamic quality that leaves a memorable impression: straightforward, sporty on-road performance combined with ride comfort that make the journey a relaxing one for all occupants.”

The Impreza design is based on the Subaru philosophy of "Dynamic x Solid."

Mr Senior added: “There are major enhancements to the interior and exterior design and it has the ability to attract a whole new set of younger customers, with a great combination of style, utility and versatility.

“New Impreza boasts build quality beyond its class.

“The decision to not offer manual transmission may surprise some but, realistically, manuals have dropped to only 7% of Impreza sales and are declining month-on-month.

“It makes sense to put the money that would have been used in developing a manual transmission into other areas that benefit the customer and I think everyone would agree that the factory have been able to achieve this.

“While the passenger car market continues to contract, the small car market is still the country’s largest, and by some considerable margin – circa 40,000 units after seven months.

“Hence, it is important for us to be represented – and strongly represented. It is also our first opportunity to attract customers into the Subaru brand, being our entry point model.

“In the past we haven’t had all the ingredients to concoct an Impreza recipe that has really resonated with high numbers of small car buyers.

“But this new Impreza is a game changer – design, styling, safety, road dynamics, infotainment, quality, performance and innovation are stand-outs.

“And while we won’t be releasing full specifications and pricing until much closer to launch, it will represent really strong value-for-money.

“Subaru has sold almost 150,000 Imprezas since launching the vehicle in 1993.

“Traditionally, 75% have been hatch, 25% sedan and we expect a similar mix with this new model.

“Our challenge with new Impreza is to attract new audiences, in particular, younger people (under 35s), especially females.

“With the new design and styling elements we have given ourselves every opportunity to broaden our audience. Additionally, our infotainment package is class-leading, buoyed by the availability of Car Play and Android Auto connectivity on even the base car.

“This will resonate with our younger buyers in particular.”

Subaru anticipates a high five star independent crashworthiness rating for occupant safety.

Australian specification Impreza will launch in December in both hatch and sedan variants, exclusively with Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmissions.

The model line-up and pricing will be announced in December.

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