Courtney Atkinson more than an athlete

Sat, 29/10/2011


Running a triathlon is a serious business, particularly if you are Courtney Atkinson – but that didn’t stop him from heading out for dinner last night with one of sponsors, Subaru Australia.

For him, working with sponsors is all part of being a serious athlete.

But Courtney is much more than just an athlete. He loves shooting video, editing it, then putting it on his website. They include race action and plenty of training tips.

He is also the master of many things digital. He is an active user of new media and spends a great deal of time researching just how to make this work to maximum effect with minimum effort.

You can, of course, follow Courtney on Facebook and Twitter.

Courtney was relaxed at dinner, entertaining the Subaru guests, sharing his thoughts on the year gone by and the weekend ahead.

He knows he has had a tough year but he is convinced he can start to turn that around this weekend.

But while some at the table could relax, Courtney had to leave early. Not to go to bed, but to get his kid to bed.

Life is busy for the Atkinsons and about to get busier, with a little boy due in January to join sister Chloe.

So next year at Noosa he’ll have one more fan cheering him on.

But for now his focus is on winning a fourth straight Noosa Triathlon title.

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