BRZ Is Sports Car Of The Year In France

Tue, 04/12/2012


Subaru’s BRZ sports car has captured another international award, being named 2012 Sports Car of the Year by French car magazine,Echappement.

This year marks the first time that the winning car was jointly developed between two manufacturers, Subaru and Toyota.

With six first place votes and three second places, the Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT 86 won over the enthusiasts – both cars are made at Subaru’s Gunma factory near Tokyo.

The philosophy behind the Subaru BRZ was “pure driving pleasure”. To achieve this, the engineers pictured a lightweight car, sitting atop a rear-wheel transmission system and powered by a Boxer engine, allowing the centre of gravity to be lowered significantly.

The judges said BRZ passed these design targets with flying colours, and if more convincing was needed, the happy faces of all those who got behind the wheel said it all.

It is the second time Subaru has won the top prize. Its maiden victory was for the Impreza GT Turbo in 1995, which went on to enjoy fantastic success and whose fame still plays a major role in Subaru's revered image.

The magazine said that without a doubt, the BRZ opens an exciting new chapter in Subaru's legendary history.

The panel tested cars over three days on the open road, while a professional racer ranked the performance of cars out on a race track.

For the 21st Edition of “The Sports Car of the Year”, the professional racer was Francois Delecour, four-time winner of World Rally Championship events.

Since 1982 Echappement has been assessing the very best sports cars released each year.

Their judging panel consists of editorial staff members and includes one vote reserved for readers of the magazine.