BRZ Is The Motor Report's Best Buy

Wed, 09/01/2013


Subaru’s BRZ sports coupe has been named the Best Buy for 2012 by Australian automotive website (TMR).

TMR made the award jointly to the BRZ and its Toyota 86 “twin” – both cars are made by Subaru at its Gunma factory near Tokyo.

TMR said: “But after tens of thousands of kilometres behind the wheels of the new models of 2012 - and after hundreds of hours on the open highway, around mountain roads, on the race track, city streets, back roads, off-road trails and goat-tracks - a clear winner has emerged.

“In making this choice, we've assessed each contender on a balance of purchase price against quality, excellence in execution, and how well each succeeds in its intended function.

“Our winner, the TMR BEST BUY Award for 2012, goes tothe Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twinned pair.

“Developed co-jointly, this pair simply astonishes for buying value.

“Spend some time at the wheel, and you’ll get out of either one scratching your head, ‘How is this possible: a car this good, this complete... and at this price?’

“The 86 and BRZ are simply head and shoulders above all comers for sheer buying value and capability. We’re not alone in this choice.

“At sub-$40k on the road…we’ve not seen such superb buying value in decades.

“If you’re in the market for a personal coupe, don’t dare spend a cent more on any other until you’ve driven one of this pair.

“And if you’re among the lucky ones to have jagged one into your garage, you can be smug in the knowledge you’re driving the best buy in the market.

“Sporting style, rapier handling, superb balance; the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ embody all that each promises to be, and at a price for the young driver.

“We'd have either in a heartbeat: TMR’s BEST BUY for 2012, and worthy winners.”

The TMR award adds to BRZ’s bulging international awards cabinet, which also incudes:

  • TopGear Australia Fun-est Car of the Year 2012
  • Wheels Car of the Year 2012
  • News Limited/Carsguide Car of the Year 2012
  • Carsales Australia network’s People’s Choice Best Performance Car Under $100,000 (with the Toyota 86)
  • Best Sports Car of 2013, from the Canadian website
  • BRZ engine – winner, 2013 Ward’s 10 “Best Engines”, United States
  • 2013 Sports Car of the Year by Canadian website
  • 2012-2013 Japan Car of the Year “Special Award” (with the Toyota 86)
  • 2012 Sports Car of the Year in French car magazine, Echappement