8000 New Foresters Ordered In Japan

Wed, 19/12/2012


Subaru received 8149 orders for the new generation Forester in its first month on sale in Japan.

The sales target of 2000 Foresters means the result was more than four times ahead of expectations.

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the maker of Subaru vehicles, says it is receiving overwhelmingly positive customer feedback on Forester’s drivability, safety and versatility, with many commenting that the car is fun to drive with improved driving performance.

Other customers are impressed by the ease of driving, the size and good visibility, while those opting for the EyeSight™ driver-assist system say it offers a feeling of security.

EyeSight™ will be available in premium automatic Forester variants in Australia.

FHI reports 86.6 per cent of new Foresters sold in Japan have EyeSight™, while 38.6 per cent of sales are for XT turbocharged petrol variants.