Kids’ Cast Series > Episode 3

Host: Andrew Daddo         


About this episode...

In this episode we’re shining a light, on…well… light! Two kinds of light actually; the first is man-made, specifically, lighthouses, which help sailors navigate the rough & dangerous coastline  around  Australia.​

Inspired by his visit to Cape Bruny Lighthouse in Southern Tasmania, podcast host Andrew Daddo tells us more about the history of lighthouses,  who looked after them and how they managed to light them in the days before there was electricity.  ​

Then it’s time for a look at some dazzling natural light, from…algae?! Andrew talks to Dr. Anusuya Willis, a research scientist at the Australian National Algae Culture Collection, at the CSIRO in Hobart, who reveals why at night, certain algae can light up the ocean like a carpet of blue sparkles. It’s through an amazing natural chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which Anusuya explains in more detail.​

There’s some fascinating history and a few big words you’ll pick up along the way that will come in handy for the quiz at the end of the episode!​

All buckled up and ready to be illuminated? Great! Let's go!​


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