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Host: Andrew Daddo         


About this episode...

Did you know that Australia has more native species than any other country and that many of our animals have evolved in very specific ways to allow them to live here?

In this episode you’ll find out why, and you’ll also find out about the amazing habits and behaviours of some of the most unique animals in the world that live right here.

Ever wondered what shape wombat poop is? Well here’s your chance to find out!

Our host Andrew Daddo gets to chat to Rachael Trembath, who has possibly one of the best jobs on the planet as an Education Officer at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland. Not only does she do a pretty good impression of a koala, she gets to look after them, along with a bunch of other native animals, like platypus, echidnas, wombats and many more.

Of course there's the quiz at the end of the episode too, so make sure to prick up your ears and listen hard, because you'll want to win best-in-show for this one. All buckled up? Ready to hop to it? Fantastic, let's go!


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