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Host: Andrew Daddo         



About this episode...

Given this show is called the Great Australian Detour Kids’ Cast, it’s only right that our first episode looks at some of the things that make Australia so great! It’s jam packed with places and things with the word 'Great' in them, like the Great Barrier Reef, The Great Ocean Road and the Great Australian Bight! But are they really so great? Podcast host, Andrew Daddo takes you on a journey to find out.

He will also introduce us to Zach Clark, who’s a bit of an expert on a pretty 'great' creature that hangs out in Australian waters - yup, the great white shark! Also known in some circles as 'Dr Shark, Zach is a PhD candidate from Deakin Warrnambool and studies the genetic ecology of sharks, that's things like population sizes, diet and movement patterns. He also reveals some interesting facts about sharks that you may not have realised, and there's a quiz at the end of the episode! So, make sure you listen hard and score the most points.

All buckled up and ready? Great! Let's go!


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