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Host: Andrew Daddo         


About this episode...

Dairy is something most people eat every day and it’s one of Australia’s most important industries. But let’s get down to basics, do you really know where milk comes from? And because cows eat grass, why isn’t milk green?!

And then there’s ice cream, sure it’s delicious, but how is it made and what kinds of weird and wonderful flavours are there?

Well, for all things cows, podcast host, Andrew Daddo is chatting to dairy farmer, Bonnie Ravenhill, who runs Narrikup Farm near Albany in Western Australia. She explains what life is like on a dairy farm, how cows turn grass into milk, and what happens after that.

Andrew also gets to talk to ice cream maker, Caroline Simmons, owner of Timboon Fine Ice cream, down near the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. She explains what goes into making ice cream and you can bet by the end of this episode you’ll be craving some!

The quiz will test your tastebuds and your memory, so listen to the whole episode and make sure you’re the winner!

All buckled up and ready for some dairy goodness? Let's get a mooove on!


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