Kids’ Cast Series > Episode 6

Host: Andrew Daddo         


About this episode...

Having travelled far and wide on Subaru's Great Australian Detour TV show, host Andrew Daddo wants to find out more about our stunning landscapes and why Australia looks the way it does. Like, why is the dirt in the outback red, why don't we have huge mountains like other parts of the world?​

Join Andrew as he chats with Joe Fayle - a Geologist and Education Centre Coordinator at Geoscience Australia and learns some amazing facts about our great southern land. Did you know that Australia has the lowest, highest point of any continent in the world or that we have rocks that are around 3.5 billion years old or that that we are actually moving 7cm to the north every year. Whoa - hold on everyone!​

And don’t forget there’s a quiz at the end of the episode, so listen up.

This one could get a  bit rocky, so buckle up and let's go!


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