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Welcome to Subaru’s Great Australian Detour kids’ cast. This podcast series was created for kids and grown-ups to enjoy together while they’re in the car, or anywhere else for that matter, helping Australian families learn, laugh and grow together.

It’s time to buckle up, hit the road with our host, Andrew Daddo, and discover why Australia is such a great place to live - whether it’s the people, places, food, animals or experiences, there’s always something amazing just around the corner.

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Join our tour guide Andrew Daddo, as he tells us about some of the fun and exciting things we’ll hear about in the series…like great white sharks, ice cream, lights that sparkle from the ocean and why bees do the waggle dance!

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Episode 1

Our first episode looks at some of the things that make Australia so great!  Host Andrew Daddo will also introduce us to Zach Clark, a.k.a Dr. Shark, who’s a bit of an expert on a pretty 'great' creature that hangs out in Australian waters.

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Episode 2

Do you really know where milk comes from? And because cows eat grass, why isn’t milk green?! And then there’s ice cream, sure it’s delicious, but how is it made, and what kinds of weird and wonderful flavours are there?

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Episode 3

This episode shines a light on… light! Discover why lighthouses shine light out to sea and how they did that before electricity. Listen to Dr Anasuya Willis explain bioluminescence and how this natural wonder makes the ocean light up with blue sea sparkles.

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Episode 4

In this episode, Andrew Daddo gets a buzz from learning all about one of the smallest but most important creatures on the planet from beekeeper and inventor, Cedar Anderson. Find out how honey making, waggle dancing and pollination keep bees busy!

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Episode 5

Do you know what a puggle is or whether koalas are as cute and cuddly as they look? In this episode, guest Rachel Trembath from Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland shares all sorts of fascinating and fun facts about our unique Native Animals with host Andrew Daddo.

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Episode 6

In this episode, join host Andrew Daddo and guest Joe Fayle from Geoscience Australia to learn why the Outback is red, where we have volcanos in Australia and a whole lot more about our Amazing Landscapes.

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Episode 7

In this episode, Host Andrew Daddo chats to guest Nola Turner-Jensen and learns about The Dreaming and the deep connection our First Nations people have with the land, that goes back over 60,000 years.

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Episode 8

Did you know that the early bushrangers were called bolters or who the Birdman of the Coorong was? Join host, Andrew Daddo, for this episode as he learns more about early colonial times and the history behind the bushrangers from guest historian Dr Keira Lindsay, PHD.

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