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  • Who should I contact after I take delivery of my new Subaru?

    If you have any questions after you take delivery of your new Subaru, the best person to contact is your Sales Consultant at your chosen Subaru Retailer.

    If further assistance is required, the New Vehicle Sales Manager will be pleased to help. Servicing enquiries may be directed to your preferred Subaru Retailer's Service Department.

    Our Find a Retailer section can provide you with the contact details of your local Subaru Retailer.

  • What is my Customer ID (CRM ID) and where can I find it?

    Your Customer ID (or CRM ID for short) is your unique customer number that is assigned to you when you purchase a new Subaru. It can usually be found on personalised communication you receive from Subaru Australia.

    Alternatively, you can contact Subaru Australia Customer Relations on 1800 22 66 43 or to receive your Customer ID.

  • What is Subaru Roadside Assist?

    Subaru Roadside Assist is an emergency roadside assistance service offered to new Subaru owners. There are two Subaru Roadside Assist products namely Club Membership offered to all privately purchased Subaru vehicles and Premium Assist offered to selected Fleet and corporate buyers. We have partnered with the state Motoring Clubs to offer eligible customers complimentary 12 months standard Roadside Assistance1 and membership.

    Upon activation by you, not only does this provide exclusive member benefits like discounts at selected retailers, complimentary accommodation guides2 and exciting club magazines, but also peace of mind with Subaru Roadside Assist nationwide.

    No matter where you roam, you can rest assured that Subaru is there with you, ready to help every kilometre of the way.

    1. 12 Month Roadside Assistance Program is standard upon activation with relevant Motoring Club in each state. To receive this benefit the customer must opt into the 12 Month Roadside Assistance Program at time of vehicle delivery. Eligible customers are those retail and novated lease customers who purchase a new Subaru on or after 1st June 2013 and have less than 5 vehicles under the Club Membership offer. Customers must provide a valid phone number and residential address, as well as date of birth. Fleet, Government, Rental companies, and customers who have purchased an Assured Extended Warranty are excluded.

    2. Not applicable in Victoria.

  • How do I register my details with Subaru if I purchased a used Subaru?

    If you have purchased a pre-owned Subaru, please register your details with Subaru Australia. You can do this via:

    Website: you can update your ownership details via our website here.

    Email: contact Subaru Australia Customer Relations on to update your details,

    Phone: contact Subaru Australia Customer Relations on 1800 22 66 43 to update your details; or

    Post: fill in the form located in your Warranty Information booklet and send it to your authorised Subaru Retailer.

    Subaru Australia will then update your details and, if necessary, contact you with any important information concerning your Subaru.

  • Where can I buy touch-up paint for my Subaru?

    Touch-up paint will be available from the Parts and Accessories Department at your local Subaru Retailer. If touch-up paint is not available for your Subaru, we recommend you contact an automotive paint specialist.

    Your Subaru's paint code can be found on the 'Build Date' plate. To locate this on your vehicle, please refer to 'Label Information' in your Subaru Owner's Manual.

  • What should I do if I have an accident?

    We’re dedicated to getting you and your Subaru back on the road, as good as new. In the event of an accident, keep your car 100% Subaru by calling our dedicated hotline. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    In case of an accident, call 1800 737 179 or find your local Subaru Certified Collision Repairer.

  • I need a Subaru Owner's Manual. Where can I get one?

    Your Owner's Manual is an essential document that explains how to safely operate your Subaru. It also includes a Service Maintenance Schedule which indicates how your Subaru must be serviced to maintain your Subaru New Car Warranty.

    A replacement Owner's Manual may be purchased for your Subaru from your nearest Subaru Parts and Accessories Department.

    Click here to locate your nearest Parts and Accessories Department.

  • I can't find my Warranty and Service Handbook. What do I do?

    If you have lost or cannot find your Warranty and Service Handbook, please contact your local Subaru Retailer Service Centre. A representative from the Service Centre will order a replacement booklet on your behalf.

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