Helping our fleet and corporate customers remain agile and flexible

As a Fleet and Corporate customer of Subaru, not only do we support your business with tailored made full fleet solutions, but we can also support you with a short term subscription service, called Subaru drivezyTM. Subaru drivezyTM has a fleet of Subaru's aimed at helping you manage the short term - the one month or 5 month gap where you need access to a vehicle without having to fully invest in buying one.


To apply for your business to access the Subaru drivezyTM program, contact one of our team members by clicking the 'apply' button below.


Subaru drivezyTM is currently only available for eligible Fleet and Corporate customers.

It's your Subaru, 24/7
There's no sharing your Subaru, it's all yours for as long as you're subscribed.
No commitments
Swap to another Subaru as your business changes with the flexibility to change.
Just add fuel
Everything you need to get on the road safely is included as part of your subscription. Just add fuel and tolls.
Delivery available
We can also arrange a personalised delivery to your home or workplace.

To be eligible to access our Subaru drivezyTM subscription service you must be nominated by an eligible Subaru Fleet and Corporate customer, and be approved by Subaru drivezyTM to become a subscriber.  If you are approved and sign the Subscription Agreement, you will personally be responsible for complying with your obligations as the subscriber under the Subscription Agreement.

Eligible Subaru Fleet and Corporate customers are those customers that meet the following criteria:

• Be a Subaru Fleet and Corporate customer.

• Have a registered ABN.

• Run a fleet of 10 or more vehicles in a company name, or own five Subaru vehicles in a company name.

• Have a novated or salary sacrificed Subaru vehicle through an approved corporate buyer.

• This includes businesses, all levels of government, religious organisations and not for profits.

To find out more, contact one of our friendly team at Subaru drivezyTM by clicking the Enquire Now button below.

How does the Subaru drivezyTM subscription work?

Take Delivery
Pay as you drive
Apply for a Subaru drivezyTM subscription service and choose any Subaru on a plan that suits your needs. We will confirm your credit and insurance eligibility on the spot. If approved, the next step is to pick up the keys and drive away in the Subaru of your choice. It's that easy.

Find a plan that works for you

All Models
Sedans and Hatchbacks
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Included with your subscription

Subaru drivezyTM subscription makes it simple with an affordable recurring payment that includes everything you need to get on the road in your Subaru.
Registration and insurance
Vehicle registration and insurance coverage are taken care of for you and any eligible drivers listed on your subscription.
Servicing and maintenance
All factory scheduled services are included at no charge. This includes consumable items such as tyres and brake pads.
Roadside assistance
Access to our Roadside Assistance Program, dedicated to getting you back on the road again.

Frequently asked questions

Subaru drivezyTM Subscription is an affordable alternative to car ownership and a hybrid that sits between Rental and Lease and is available to Fleet and Corporate customers of Subaru.

Subscription gives our Fleet and Corporate customers the benefits and flexibility of expensive car “rental” and the fully serviced, exclusive use experience of a 3 - 5 year car “lease” contract. It gives our Fleet and Corporate customers a car they treat as their own for an affordable weekly payment over a period as short as 30 days.

All on-road costs and pain points such as registration, insurance, servicing, and maintenance Subaru drivezyTM are included.

With a Subaru drivezyTM Subscription you can swap* or even return your car as your lifestyle changes.

*Fee and charges may apply

Depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription can deliver several benefits over traditional car ownership that could end up saving you thousands each year.

If you are unsure about the potential savings over traditional car ownership, please consult your accountant or financial adviser.

If you enjoy the latest in car technology, safety and performance or just like to drive different cars then Subaru drivezyTM provides the opportunity to swap* to a new car every few months, depending on availability*.

*Fees and charges may apply

Unexpected repairs can be a major disruption on household budgets, especially when it means you will be without a car for a while. With Subaru drivezyTM, all ongoing maintenance costs are completely covered. If your car is no longer drivable due to a maintenance issue, you'll get a replacement.

You should be able to change your car as often as your lifestyle. If you move closer to public transport, start a family or work from home - being able to swap or return* your car is not only convenient but could also save you money longer term.

*Fees and charges may apply

With the constantly rising costs of insurance premiums, servicing, registration and more, planning for car costs when calculating the household budget can be difficult.  With Subaru drivezyTM, you only have one regular payment to consider.

The short answer is less commitment and more flexibility.

Unlike a lease, with Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription there are no long-term contracts and no residual payments. Simply subscribe to drive with a minimum commitment as short as 30 days, then return your car as your needs change. You also have the option to swap* to a different car as your needs change - something you certainly don't get from a lease!

*Fees and charges may apply

All our Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription plans include the cost of registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. Other than the Subscription Fee (and assuming you do not damage the vehicle), all you need to cover are your costs for fuel, tolls and any excess kilometres above the weekly limit of your plan.

No. Your subscription vehicle is dedicated to you for your use (and the use of any additional subscribers nominated by you) only. There is no sharing with anyone, no obligation to buy and your subscription payments do not accumulate toward the purchase price of the vehicle. It’s simple - just pay for use and then hand back.

To be eligible to access our Subaru drivezyTM subscription service you must be nominated by an eligible Subaru Fleet and Corporate customer, and be approved by Subaru drivezyTM to become a subscriber.  If you are approved and sign the Subscription Agreement, you will personally be responsible for complying with your obligations as the subscriber under the Subscription Agreement.

We are far more accessible than traditional car finance and lease avenues and we consider every application individually, but there are also some basic criteria that all subscribers will strictly need to meet as a minimum:

  • Your business must be a Fleet and Corporate Customer of Subaru and have been approved for the Subaru drivezyTM Subscription Service program
  • Be an individual who holds a valid Australian (P2 or above) or equivalent international drivers license that has not been cancelled or suspended in the past 3 years
  • Have valid credit or debit card in your name with an expiry date that is later than the subscription period expiry date
  • Be at least 21 years old and not over 75 years old
  • Agree that you will not use any subscription vehicle for the purpose of operating a ridesharing service
  • Not have had any criminal, drink or drug driving convictions in the last 5 years
  • Not have made two or more motor insurance claims in the last 3 years

Of course! Amongst many avenues we use to check your responses, we do an identity check and commission a credit report. We may then follow up with a request for supporting documents including utility bills, bank statements and pay slips.  The credit report check will appear on your credit history.

That depends on how bad it is. Our criteria are generally far more reasonable than traditional finance providers such as banks and subscribing for a car is generally far more affordable than buying a new car but make an application and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Yes! In fact, we think Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription is the smartest way to drive while you are visiting Australia. As long as you hold an equivalent international drivers license and meet the remaining eligibility criteria, you are welcome to apply.

At this stage Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscriptions are primarily intended for individuals who intend to use the vehicle in capital cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  We may extend this to regional areas depending on how far away you are and the proposed length of your subscription. We will let you know if we can accommodate your request after you apply.

Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription uses unique software developed and owned by an independent Australian company called Loopit to manage the program, assess applications, collect fees etc on our behalf.  To do this you will be required to provide them with your personal information which they may also pass onto us. Rest assured that your personal information is protected by both the Subaru and Loopit Privacy Policies.

Yes! There is no charge to apply. If your application is approved, some plans may include an upfront establishment fee and all plans require a minimum upfront fully refundable security deposit of an amount up to $2500. This security deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned with a full tank of fuel and without damage. 

We will let you know of the exact amount of the required establishment fee and/or security deposit once we approve your application.

No. You only pay your regular subscription payments for the agreed subscription period.

It depends on your circumstances and what you need the car for. We have 3 plans for approved subscribers to choose from. Whether you want to save money by driving long-term, or want the flexibility to swap* more often – it’s your call.

*Fees and charges may apply

The security deposit required will be an amount up to $2500. The security deposit amount is fully refundable at the end of your subscription as long as the car is returned with a full tank of fuel, undamaged and in good condition and your subscription fees are up to date.

If you would prefer to reduce the upfront amount of the security deposit required, then you can apply for a reduction by paying a non-refundable weekly $25 Assessment Premium which is payable for the duration of your subscription.

You will need a valid credit or debit card in your own name to place your refundable security deposit. After placing your security deposit in this way, you can then choose to pay your regular subscription fee using a credit or debit card, or through banking direct debit. All payments via credit or debit card will attract the usual 2% transaction fee.

It’s your responsibility to ensure funds are available at time of payment. Late fees will apply if you do miss a payment and if your subscription falls into arrears, we will require that you promptly return the car to us.

Yes. Each plan has its own weekly kilometre limit with excess kilometres automatically charged at a rate of $0.33 per kilometre. This will be charged as part of your subscription each billing cycle, depending on usage.

The weekly kilometre allowance of your chosen plan can be used over the entirety of your chosen billing cycle - either weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly. For example, if you choose to make payments on a fortnightly billing cycle, you will receive 900km to use over the two week period, rather than 450km to use each week.

Kilometre usage is automatically measured using GPS technology installed on the vehicle and may not reflect the vehicle's odometer. Unused kilometres do not rollover between billing cycles. Kilometre usage cycles may not reflect your billing cycle.

Any additional kilometre usage is charged at each NORMAL billing cycle during your subscription. We think a pay-as-you-drive approach is much fairer and more transparent than the bill shock that may come from receiving usage charges at the end of your subscription.

It also allows you to understand your driving habits and provide you with an opportunity to move on to a different plan with a more appropriate kilometre allowance to suit your lifestyle.

All cars will have an e-tag automatically fitted. Toll charges you incur will be charged back to you via your normal billing cycle.

You can choose between weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly billing cycles. All payments are made in advance through your chosen payment method.

Yes. As long as they meet the eligibility criteria, you can add up to 5 additional nominated drivers to your subscription for $10 per week, per driver.

NB Only the nominated driver(s) are covered by your subscription insurance.  You will be responsible for paying for repair of all damage in the event a driver other than you or a nominated driver is involved in an at fault accident.

Payment for routine servicing and maintenance is the responsibility of Subaru drivezyTM. When a service is required, Subaru drivezyTM will contact you to help minimize any inconvenience.  If you notice that either the manufacturer’s recommended servicing time or mileage interval has elapsed (usually on the service sticker on the windscreen) while you are in possession of a subscription vehicle, and Subaru drivezyTM has not contacted you, please contact Subaru drivezyTM promptly to arrange for the vehicle to be booked for service.

Every subscription car comes with full roadside assistance 24/7 every day of the year. In the event of a breakdown or issue with the car, simply call 1800 737 179 and quote your number plate and help won't be far away.

If there are any ongoing issues, please contact Subaru drivezyTM direct.

Sure, it happens, we understand. Any traffic or parking fines incurred are obviously your responsibility. We will notify you if a penalty notice has been received by us, and will atomically nominate you as the responsible driver for the purposes of reallocation of the penalty notice to you. 

We may charge an administration fee in the event we receive repeated, or an excessive number of penalty notices related to your subscription vehicle.

Fuel is NOT included in your subscription package.  Your car will have a full tank of fuel when you first collect it and we ask that it is also returned with a full tank.  If you return the vehicle with less than a full tank of fuel we will debit any top up costs from you security deposit or charge the top up amount to your credit or debit card.

Sure, it happens, its traumatic and stressful. Providing everyone is safe, remember it’s just a car.

In the event of an accident, you should call roadside assistance on 1800 737 179. If there is an emergency, such as a serious injury, you should call 000. You should not agree to have the vehicle towed by any other service provider or you may be liable for any costs incurred.

Ensure you gather all supporting information including the details of any other parties involved (including their driver’s license numbers), witness information and photos from the scene of the accident. You will need this information to process the insurance claim. Contact Subaru drivezyTM direct to begin the insurance claim process.

Provided the accident was not caused by gross negligence by you (e.g. excessive speeding) we will get you a replacement car asap.

In the event of a claim, the standard insurance excess payable is $3,500. If you would prefer to reduce this amount to $1000 (via the Liability Protection), then let us know. You may be able to do so for as little as $25 per week non refundable payment.

This excess is payable whenever a claim is made and is refundable where you are ultimately found to be not at fault and/or where payment is recovered from the other party.

Your car will be thoroughly assessed on its return. Any damage that falls within our Fair Wear & Tear Policy (which you can find here) will not be charged to you.  

The cost to repair any damage above what we deem as Fair Wear & Tear will be subtracted from your refundable security deposit. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the security deposit, you will be required to cover the cost of repair up to the damage excess amount which we notify you of at the time of accepting your subscription application.

While we can't promise nothing will go wrong with your car, we do promise to make it right!

One of the key benefits of car subscription is that all regular servicing and maintenance costs are covered by your subscription, so should anything go wrong with the car while you are subscribed - we will fix it as soon as we can.

If we can't repair your vehicle in a reasonable timeframe, and the vehicle is undriveable, a loan car or similar replacement vehicle will be provided.

This will depend on the Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription plan that you have chosen. All plans allow you to swap after a set period of time, with some swaps free after 90 days and some incurring a $350 swap charge. Check the details of your plan to see which applies to you.

The minimum subscription period will depend on the Subaru drivezyTM Car Subscription plan that you choose, starting from 30 days.

Our 3 plans have different minimum periods. If you want to continue longer than the minimum period no extra paperwork is required, and you are welcome continue to subscribe for as long as you like.

If you choose to swap or return your car before the minimum subscription period expires then an early swap or return fee may apply.

This will be dependent on the resident parking permit rules issued by your local council. Generally, if you are entitled to a resident parking permit for a privately owned vehicle, then you should be able to obtain one for a subscription vehicle. We can assist you by providing a letter to send to your local council requesting a parking permit, however results vary between councils and you should make your own enquiries just in case, prior to subscribing.

Only the subscriber will be allowed to collect the car from our dedicated handover locations, and you will need to confirm your identity via your Driver’s Licence at the time of pickup.

Delivery to your home or work can be arranged for an additional fee.

We understand that you may want to cancel your subscription. To do so simply call Subaru drivezyTM to request a return of your vehicle with at least 21 days notice.

An early return fee will apply if you choose to return the vehicle before the minimum subscription period has expired.

We ask that you return the car to the same location you collected it from.

We will inspect the car to ensure it is in the same condition as when it was collected (subject to Fair Wear & Tear as per our policy). The car must be handed over to a Subaru drivezyTM staff member and you must be present for the vehicle inspection.

We will pause your subscription immediately upon the car being returned to us. From there, we will endeavour to finalise your account within 5 business days.

This allows us the opportunity to process any additional charges such as tolls and kilometre usage, that may have been incurred, plus fuel top ups costs, and any items above our Fair Wear & Tear policy that may need to be considered. If a charge is to be levied for these items we will let you know.