7 Seater Cars Australia – What To Look For

7 Seater Cars Australia – What To Look For

Large families require a car that has six or more seats, plus room for their belongings. 7 seater cars or 7 seater SUVs are what large families should be looking out for. There are a lot of 7 seater cars available in the market, which means deciding what car is right for your family, can be difficult.

The best 7 seater in Australia must appeal to the needs of a family, so one very significant factor behind a great family car is safety. One of the first things you need to do is weigh up the car’s safety features. The main safety rating in Australia is the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). This program gives cars a rating based on a five star system (five stars being the safest, one star being least safe). For your family’s safety it is recommended to choose 7 seat cars or 7 seater SUVs awarded with the five star ANCAP safety rating.

What makes 7 seater cars safe is structural integrity, crumple zones, side impact protective pillars and passenger restraint systems. These include pretensioner and load limiter seat belts teamed with front side and curtain SRS air bags. The best 7 seater passenger areas should retain their shape with the structural frame surrounding and protecting the occupants, working to absorb, dissipate and redirect crash energy away from the occupants. They should also work with the occupant restraint system as a total safety package.

It is also important to consider inherent vehicle stability and directional response. This is critical in assisting the driver of a 7 seat car to avoid a potential accident situation. Low centre of gravity and well-tuned suspension teamed with electronic driver assistance systems such as ESC, ABS, EBD, brake assist and traction control are all part of this important safety feature. ABS reduces the risk of skidding, maintaining steering control by preventing wheel lock. ESC stabilises the vehicle by automatic application of individual brakes, should the vehicle start to slide or lose control. These are handy and potentially life saving features for 7 seat cars or your family’s SUV 7 seater.  All wheel drive can not only provide additional traction to access that isolated picnic or fishing spot but also maximise the available grip on a slippery road, again helping the driver to stay in control.

The latest 7 seat cars in Australia have more advanced technology and provide a greater level of luxury for your family. For example, DVD players can keep the kids entertained on long haul drives, making the driver’s job easier. Other technological devices to have on your SUV 7 seater include heated seats, MP3 player compatibility, wireless technology, rear view digital displays and satellite navigation.


Another important consideration when looking at a suitable 7 seater SUV is the size of the boot space. Having a large boot in your 7 seater car means you can fit the children's belongings, and still have plenty of room for your own.

When venturing off-road, all wheel drive 7 seat cars also tend to be better than 2-wheel drive 7 seat cars. An all-wheel drive car can also help with city driving as it enables the vehicle to handle better.

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