Driver recognition technology is futuristic

The idea that our vehicles will one day recognise us, chat with us and truly put the “car” in “care” is as old as David Hasselhoff and his talking car on Knight Rider 

But the fact is, that future is already here, thanks to the use of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), which many of us now use dozens of times a day to open our iPhones. This clever tech is now turning up in cars as well, allowing them to recognise us as soon as we sit in the driver’s seat, and to then adapt to our every whim and desire. 

Driver recognition has come so far, in fact, that one car brand has promised by mid-2021 they’ll have a form of FRT so advanced at tracking your eyes that you’ll be able to look through a car’s windows at restaurants as you pass them and see a virtual menu (and even book a table, should you be peckish).  

What’s available today? 

On a far more practical, day-to-day level, of course, FRT means we’ll no longer have to deal with that particular form of frustration and irritation you get when you jump into a car only to find that the last person behind the wheel has adjusted the seat and mirrors to the exact position that you don’t want them. If it was a particularly short person, you may even find yourself with your knees in your nostrils.  

The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) offered by Subaru instantly eradicates the need for such grievances by recognising your face and depending on the variant, can automatically adjust the seat and mirrors to your specific preferences, along with setting the temperature to just where you like it. 

Those with large families of driving age needn’t worry, either - the system can store up to five preset drivers, meaning everyone bar the family dog is likely to feel the joy of having the cabin environment instantly adjust to just the way they like it.  

Safe and sound  

Comfort is one thing, but automobile safety is even more important. Thanks to an infrared LED and a camera, the DMS is also able to scan your face and alert you should you be getting drowsy, advising you to take a break, a clear example of a car that cares for you. The system will also warn you if you are taking your eyes off the road to scold feuding siblings in the back seats. Truly, car safety technology has never been so advanced.  

This is not just a convenience, but a car and SUV safety technology, too. Another benefit of FRT is that car theft will likely become a thing of the past (that is, of course, unless you’re into overly elaborate criminal plans and have access to an evil surgeon who’ll swap out your face, a la Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off).  

Although it isn’t a feature available of the DMS just yet, there will come a time when the engine won’t start unless a registered driver is behind the wheel, meaning vehicles with FRT will make stealing cars virtually impossible. It’s automobile safety tech of the future, and it’s already begun to take shape.  

Facing the future of driving has never sounded so exciting. And nor has SUV and car safety technology been so clever.  



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03 June 2021