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After a break of more than 10 years, Subaru has returned to the Australian rally scene in 2016 with an exciting new team aiming to build on the brand’s record-breaking success in the domestic championship.
Subaru will campaign a turbocharged All-Wheel Drive WRX STI NR4 in the 2016 Australian Rally Championship. The car was prepared by world-renowned Tasmania-based Les Walkden Rallying.
Behind the wheel will be Molly Taylor, who has rock-solid rally credentials and DNA via her parents – mum Coral is a four-time Australian Rally Champion co-driver, while dad Mark ran a rally school.
Molly will be accompanied by one of Australia’s most experienced navigators, Bill Hayes.
Hayes has previous history with Subaru, having paired with Dean Herridge before Subaru Rally Team Australia disbanded in November 2005.
Subaru Australian Rally Championship History
There has not been another era in Australian motorsport like it; 10 straight Driver’s Championships and eight Manufacturers’ titles – the last six in succession.   
Team Subaru began in 1992 and that same year Rob Herridge won the Australian Championship. This first foray into the world of rallying was to end in 1993. But it wasn’t long before Subaru would be back.
In 1996, Subaru Rally Team Australia was born. Possum Bourne was the driving force of the team, and his incredible run of seven straight driver’s titles commenced.
In 1998, two young guns named Cody Crocker and (co-driver) Greg Foletta joined the team, winning the first of their four straight Group N titles.
In 2002, the team grew to three cars, with Dean Herridge picked as the next rising star of the sport, and given a blue vehicle to drive.
With the tragic death of Possum Bourne, the team was back to two cars for the 2003 season. But faced with tragedy, the team managed to maintain the Bourne legacy and take it to even greater heights.
As well as adding three straight driver’s and manufacturers’ titles, the team took on and beat the best production auto outfits in the world, with Dean winning the 2004 Rally New Zealand and Cody  in 2005.
In Asia-Pacific competition, Cody won the 2003 and 2005 Subaru Rally of Canberra while Dean took that honour in 2004.
The team involved just three drivers and six co-drivers across the decade. Craig Vincent partnered Possum for five championships, and Mark Stacey stepped in for two.
As well as the drivers, the cars have been champions too. The Subaru Impreza WRX STI was a brilliant weapon against the opposition. The team at Possum Bourne Motorsport demonstrated time and time again that Subaru produced the best production class rally cars in the world.
Subaru Australian Rally Highlights:
2005: Announce withdrawal from Australian rallying
2005: Win ARC Driver’s title - Cody Crocker and Dale Moscatt
2004: Win ARC Driver’s title - Cody Crocker and Greg Foletta
2003: Win ARC Driver’s title - Cody Crocker and Greg Foletta
2002: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Mark Stacey
2001: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Craig Vincent
2000: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Mark Stacey
1999: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Craig Vincent
1998: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Craig Vincent
1997: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Craig Vincent
1996: Win ARC Driver’s title - Possum Bourne and Craig Vincent
Subaru World Rally Championship History
Rallying has always been a brutally tough motorsport. With uncompromising terrain, wildly fluctuating conditions, and constant demands on the cars, it’s one of the most challenging sports in the world – and a perfect testing ground for Subaru. We were part of the World Rally Championship (WRC) for 19 years - and while we were fine-tuning our unique technologies, we were also winning championships. We won the World Rally Championship Manufacturers’ title three times and the driver’s title three times as well.
Subaru World Rally Highlights:
2003 WRC: Win Cyprus Rally
2003 PCWRC: Rally New Zealand on New Impreza makes a Debut Win
2003 PCWRC: Win Rally Argentina
2003 PCWRC: Win Cyprus Rally
2002 WRC: Win Rally Monte Carlo, Great Britain- total wins in WRC: 35
2001 WRC: Win Rally New Zealand
2001 WRC: Win Driver's title
2000 WRC: Win Safari Rally, Portugal, Argentina, and Great Britain
1999 WRC: Win Rally Argentina, Acropolis, Finland, Australia, and Great Britain
1998 WRC: Win Rally Portugal, Tour de Corse, and Acropolis
1997 WRC: 3 consecutive wins from Rally Monte Carlo to Safari Rally
1997 WRC: Win Manufacturer's World Champion
1996 WRC: Win Acropolis, Sanremo and Catalunia
APRC: Win Driver's Champion
WRC: Win Manufacturer's World Champion
1995 WRC: Win Rally Monte Carlo, Portugal, New Zealand, Catalonia, and British RAC 1995 Rally WRC: Win both Manufacturer's and Driver's Champion
1994 WRC: Impreza wins Acropolis Rally, WRC Rally New Zealand and British RAC Rally
1994 APRC: Win consecutive Manufacturer's and Driver's Champion
1993 WRC: Liberty wins first overall at Rally New Zealand
1993 WRC: Liberty wins Manufacturer's and Driver's Champion in Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC)
1991 WRC: Best result, overall 2nd
1990 Start full-scale entry to World Rally Championship from Safari Rally. Best result, overall 4th place, first win in Gr. N class in Safari Rally
1989 Subaru Liberty accomplish FIA Sanctioned record of 100,000 consecutive kms driving at a World Record of 223.345km/h