Sandcastles Episode 11: North Bondi SLSC
Sandcastles Episode 11: North Bondi SLSC

The redeveloped North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club occupies one of the most significant coastal sites in Australia. Read about the stunning transformation here. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Inverloch Holiday House
Sandcastles Episode 10: Croft House, Inverloch

This Sandcastle is an architectural oddity, unlike anything you've seen before, and designed by an architect who allowed the shape of this home to be guided by the forces of geometry and nature. See the incredible design here. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Kerstin Thompson Lorne House
Sandcastles Episode 9: House at Big Hill, Lorne

Sandcastles Episode 9: House at Big Hill, Lorne This is a no-frills sandcastle - yet one of the most powerful. The house at Big Hill on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria is one of the most unusual beach houses you'll see. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Seidler House
Sandcastles Episode 8: Seidler House, Joadja

This well-known home was designed by the late great Harry Seidler during his final years of practice. Read about this stunning architectural feat. » Travel & Food, Sandcastles

Bronte Beach House
Sandcastles Episode 2: Beach House, Bronte

It occupies one of the most spectacular and popular sites in Sydney's eastern suburbs. For architect Chris Elliott, the location was the chance he'd been waiting for his entire career. Read about this stunning Bronte home here. Photos: Richard Glover » Travel & Food, Sandcastles

Noosa Waters Tropical House
Sandcastles Episode 7: Tropical House, Noosa

Tropical House architects borrowed from South East Asian and Balinese design for this holiday home, built along side the canal in Noosa Waters. More. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Rob Mills Lorne Beach House - Sandcastles
Sandcastles Episode 5: Ocean House, Lorne

A popular part of the Australian coastline is Victoria's Great Ocean Road, spotted with potential Sandcastles. See what special design made the cut. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Marion Bay Tasmania Holiday House
Sandcastles Episode 6: Marion Bay, Tasmania

Every great journey starts with one small step. The same can be said of architecture and this Marion Bay house is a perfect case in point. » Sandcastles, Travel & Food

Bruny Island shearer's quarters
Sandcastles Episode 3: Bruny Island, Tasmania

This Robin Boyd bunkhouse style home is a winner. Read more about this architectural masterpiece and see pictures of the breathtaking house. Photos: Trevor Mein » Travel & Food, Sandcastles