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Like most things, if you want to get better at it, make sure you have a goal and a plan. A program or plan will help to eliminate that feeling of being lost, especially if you don’t have a coach to work with. Improving your swimming ability is no different.

Ky Hurst Swim Tips

I often get people approaching me about ways to improve their swimming but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to engage their own coach along with juggling busy lifestyles. So having a program that is flexible and caters to levels of skill and fitness is the key. As such, I have designed a swimming workout plan using the Great Australian Swim Series – Sydney event on 26th January as the goal race.

This can be found at Body Science Great Australian Swim Series site and can be adjusted according to your level.

The groundwork is the same regardless of the number of swim workouts each week – the aim is to build fitness and maintain or develop better technique.

Getting stronger but sloppier is not the answer; you need to develop or maintain your technique as well as get fitter. While you do want to have the best technique possible, there is a balancing act between the current level of fitness and the ability to hold great technique. If you are not fit, you cannot do the stroke correctly.

My swimming workout plan is intended to meet general fitness needs and can be repeated during the year. As you get in better shape you will complete more repeats for a given section and go harder and faster.

Use drills for technique work during workouts, or have a friend or a lifeguard watch you swim and give you some feedback. Good luck with your swimming workout plan.

Five Top Tips for Swimming Smarter Not Harder

1. Go to the pool
If you don't average 2 -3 swims a week you tend to lose your feel for the water and your technique will begin to deteriorate. No feel, no technique, no speed. You might be doing a great swim workout once or twice a week, but for most swimmers that is not enough. If the option is between one or two long workouts or three or four shorter workouts, swimmers seem to do better when they swim more frequently as opposed to only doing a few longer workouts each week.

2. Technique
Maintain the best possible technique at all speeds during a workout. If you try to go fast with bad technique, you are wasting energy. It might still be a good fitness workout and you are burning plenty of calories by getting your heart rate up, but you are not helping yourself to become a better swimmer. If you can teach yourself to go fast while using good technique, you will make bigger gains.

3. Drills every session
Either early on, in the middle or at the end of your workout (or any combination of the three!) do some specific technique work to reinforce good swimming skills. Even a few strokes thinking about what you are doing with your hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, head, body, hips, legs, knees, or feet can help you be a better swimmer.

4. Challenge yourself
One or two times a week (depending upon how frequently you swim) push the effort and go hard. If all of your workouts are focused on technique, your technique will improve. But what will happen when you try to go faster? You will get tired and your technique will deteriorate. Mix some hard or challenging workouts with technique work. This can be at different workouts or as part of the same workout – the key is to hold good technique while going faster.

5. Recovery
Depending upon your swimming goals, there may be no reason to do more than one or two tough workout sets a week, as long as you do one or two easier workouts, too. Work hard on the hard things, and easy on the easy things, and each kind of work will work together, resulting in an overall improvement in your swimming. It is important to have 1 week in every 4 to 5 as a recovery week.

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